How to Change Default Title Tag on blogger for SEO

Aim for title tags containing fewer than 70 characters. This is the limit Google displays in search results. Title tags longer than 70 characters may be truncated in the results, or search engines may choose to display different text from the document in place of the title tag. Recent experiments have shown that the number of characters displayed in the search results may also vary based onamong other thingsthe width in pixels of each letter. 70 characters is still a good general guideline for length, though. In most blogger templates when we view a post on blogger blog, title tag is first blog title then your post title which is not quite good as for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as in search engine our blog title will appear first instead of keyword searched for. This Tip will change the Bloggers title tag to help amplify relevant keywords to your blog which improve the search engine ranking of your blog. Just follow easy and simple steps below:-

Optimize your Blog Title

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard>> Template>> Edit HTML

2. and Find the Following Code. (if you are using Default Title Tag.) You Can Find the Below code Near

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