How to set up Windows 8 Storage Spaces to protect important files |

How to set up Windows 8 Storage Spaces to protect important files

Protect important files by way of backup is the best way for them to be considered to protect from…


Protect important files by way of backup is the best way for them to be considered to protect from accidental deletion or corrupted. Things like hard drive corruption, file corruption, accidental deletion of files, etc. that may occur in any system. If the only copy in the system, and then lose all your important data in an instant.

If you have multiple copies of data in multiple places similar stores, you may have to worry about ever losing data. Windows 8 has a new feature called “Storage Room”, which you can use multiple hard drives as a backup.

This applet allows you to create and configure disk space.

Storage space in Windows 8

A storage room is a collection of storage space can be used to store excess copies of data that has been stored in the memory space. After you create space, all collected on the hard drive under the space that can be treated as a “disk”, which means they are all under one name and the drive letter to make everything look easy for the users and applications converge storage space to be partitioned as hard a single drive.

You do not have to always know that the internal space is a set of multiple disks.

Hard drive size is not limited. You can get a TB drive with a 10 GB drive put flash drive is a storage space. Windows will have gathered only in each room and then put them into a copy of the data. At the same time, the disk space will be removed or replaced, whenever you want.

If the new hard drive in a long match, the data will be synchronized only by placing a copy of the data on the hard disk.

Placed in each copy of the data on different drives so that only one copy of the range in terms of disk corruption. Excess number of copies can be determined if you are in the process of configuring the space.

The room is also equipped with a feature called thin provisioning. This allows you a logical space, to be larger than the physical space, you can combine the need to determine all physical hard disk.

For example, you can show the logical space of 300 TB of storage space, even if you’re only 100 TB of physical storage capacity actually. Window to treat storage as if having TB 300 rooms.

You can use the physical space needed to add storage space, and avoiding the need to create the entire physical memory at the time of storage.

You have the opportunity to make a lot of space.

Launch Windows 8 storage

The first thing to do is to open the Control Panel from the Start Run screen or the Windows command “control” to be used.

Then select the “Category” for the Control Panel.

Once you’re done, “System and Security” Select a category. This will open a new page that contains subcategories.

In the end, select “Storage Spaces”. This is a Control Panel applet opens on the same page.

Make Windows 8 Storage Spaces

Applet home a list of all the storage space you have done if ever made. However, it only shows a link that asks you to create a storage pool.

Then you are prompted, click “Create a new pool and a” link to create one. This starts a wizard that will guide you through the process of creation.

Select Drives for Storage Pool

The wizard will connect the entire list of all the drives available on your computer. You will be prompted to choose a drive that can be used in the storage group.

It must be remembered that the selected drive will erase all existing data for the wizard to format to get it to be added to the storage group or pool. So make sure you use a blank hard disk (s), or save your data from the hard drive (s).

Configuring Windows 8 Storage Spaces

Here you have the option name and the drive letter of the storage room, where all the selected disk will be grouped together.

Names and letters are also the people who appear users and other applications. You have the opportunity to decide what you want to have redundancy in the storage space. The possible options are as mentioned below.

Two-way mirror – Mirror storing two copies of your data on disk space. Basically, two hard disks in the pool requires.

Three-way mirror – This is one of three stores copies of the data and the requirement that at least three hard drives in the pool.

Parity – In this style, the system calculates the number of pieces of information about the data and store it in a copy of the current data. If necessary, only the data is to create, which is calculated only on the information that is stored, will be based. This way your data is safely backed up at a relatively low cost on your hard disk. However, the downside is that the cost of read / write more on this approach. Basically requires at least two hard drives.

No – here, in this case, only one copy of the data stored. Single advantage that has a file system, a new and improved Resilient used on your hard drive.

It should be noted that the actual size of the actual space on each, resiliencies already mentioned what you choose.

For example, if you collect two 1-TB hard drive and select a two-way mirror, the exhibition space as the size of the 1 TB 1TB just because other people are saved by a backup copy of data consumed. If your pool is room for up to three 1-TB hard drive and select the three-way mirror, then 1 TB, 2 TB other is used to store backup copies.

In addition, you also have the possibility that thin provisioning to determine logical disk.

Space so that the main page listed under the Create Applet. It shows two parts – the first includes storage space, while the second section lists all physical disks that have been grouped in the storage space.

Term space as a drive in Windows Explorer. Therefore, users and applications as a normal drive for internal incoming data space storage store automatically creates a copy of the data that the user is treated in it.


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