How to create account on ClixSense

To create account on ClixSense follow the given stepsStep 1 Go to the site Home page and create account on this site            www.clixsense.comStep 2  Click on the View Ads tab and start watching ads one by oneStep 3 Transfer money from ClixSense account to PayPal accountStep 4 Transfer money from Paypal to bank account in IndiaWatch the video given below for more information about ClixSenseHOW TO Receive payment from ClixSenseThere are mainly two option for receiving payment from ClixSense .
1`  Cheque
2    PayPal  HOW TO transfer money from clixsense to paypalTransferring money from ClixSense to PayPal account is very easy process. Find out step that you need to follow.Step 1  Login into ClixSense account with your user name and passwordStep 2  Click on Account SummaryStep 3  Click on Cashout button. One small window will be open containing detail your PayPal email id, Cashout balance, PayPal fee for transferring (Don’t worry PayPal fee will be very small)Step 4  Click on Submit buttonNow once you click on submit button, your payment will be transfer into your PayPal account within 4-5 days. ClixSense do Payment on Friday and Monday night usually. For example- If you click on Cashout button Thursday then most probably on Friday your money will be transferred in your PayPal account.HOW TO withdraw money from paypal  and transfer in bankTo withdraw money from PayPal account  you need not to do anything if you your PayPal account is verified. Verified PayPal account means you have attached bank details in your PayPal account.

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