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I spend a great deal of my time just doing computer-internet-web related things, and answering my office phones all day.

I indulge my (desktop) digital wanderings/activities  with a 27 inch Apple Thunderbolt display and a Macbook Air. Anything on any display/device can also appear on a 21 inch HD display connected to a Apple TV. The display sits alongside the Thunderbolt display. There is also a 2nd Apple TV connected to a large screen TV in the lounge. The lap top display can also function as a second computer screen.

My little office enclave is my digital world. I have 2 x Jambox speakers (big and small). One hardwired to the Thunderbolt display, the other to the 21 inch Apple TV connected display. I run a WiFi network using a Apple router (2.5 and 5.0 GHz dual band). The Thunderbolt display is ethernet connected to the Apple WiFi (latest generation) router.

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My ISP connection (HFC) offers up to a 100 MBPs down and around 2MBPs up (to the ISP’s local server) via ethernet and excellent, internal network speeds via WiFi, particularly with the later model Apple products that use the dual band features of the router. Usually between 38 to 70+ MBPs down and a consistent 1.7-2.0 MBPs up. Again to the ISP local server. Real world speeds can be MUCH slower. Role on the fibre to the home (FTTP) NBN in Ozz and expanded (capacity and routing wise) international links.  ( I pay top dollar for this (current) speed).

(The current Federal Government is determined to kill FTTP and replace it with various versions of FTTN)

I enjoy NOT reading or viewing a newspaper. I watch little Television. I dont have or want, cable TV.  My all time favourite news and info APP Flipboard removes the need and lets me rapidly filter the crap as well. I even create my own “NewsPaper”! I do occasionally visit the cinema and hire a movie via the Apple TV.

Why read a newspaper when you can get the news (and info) from it’s source/generator and not suffer biased editorial policies and journalism.

I put my own bias on things thank you!

Pocket allows for reading web content, at a later time. Pocket is excellent when I am browsing with my iPhone and want to read something later, on a iPad or Desktop.

I have a twitter account or two and I subscribe to APP.NET, I have a Facebook acount and Google+. I do not indulge either very much. Facebook for friends (social), and Google +, because of the technology.

Twitter and APP.NET keep me up to date with all sorts of things/trends/news.

Podcasts in their various forms, I enjoy. Downcast is my Video podcast App of choice. The Apple APP has improved greatly, but not enough for me to change. By all means use it if you wish. It is quite good.

Audio podcasts are managed using RSSRadio APP. In the Audio world I particularly enjoy people such as MAC OS KEN (a man after my own heart), Andy Ihnatko and TidBits to name 3 prominent in my audio podcast feed. I pay money to some, in the form of a subscription. Others are free (in the commercial sense).

Video podcasts come from the TWIT.TV network (Leo Leporte and others). Leo’s guest list are always interesting and contain a few I regard, as “movers and shakers” in their fields. The TWIT network is a excellent example of the way 21st century media is evolving. (It is still US centric but slowly getting better.) I enjoy the insight and commentary of Tom Merritt on YouTube.

Smaller efforts such as MacVoices TV and TTFN.TV show how it is possible, for any body to produce quality content, with affordable investment. Google hangouts are another evolving WEB video medium.

21 st century media productions does not required millions of dollars. From a few hundred to a few thousand, will give excellent results.

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I browse the WEB and enjoy sites such as Daring Fireball, 9 to 5 MAC, MacNNN and Australia’s ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) site and the ABC’s APP’s.. I indulge my dreams by looking at boats, airplanes and places I would like to visit. I Youtube and Vimeo via iPad and Apple TV. BLOG’s are read. My mental horizons are broadened . I am appalled at mans inhumanity to man and death and destruction in the name of……A great deal of my life has been spent  seeing humans at their worst, dealing with violence and death. Still, I become disturbed by the extremes of human violence and destruction. Most of it is brought to me by smart phones and the internet, as it happens and in HD colour.

I make donations to the struggling, under privledge and ambitious, via my Kiva account. I support Kickstarter projects from time to time. I shop a lot online. Ebay is a great place. Amazon, for an Australian, leaves a lot to be desired, so I rarely purchase there.

Savvy Australian on line sellers get my business, if they are reasonably priced. I have the choice, not to pay excessive prices. I price shop all over the world. Product delivery systems such as DHL, FEDEx and AUSPOST (Australia Post Office) speed purchased items to your door from anywhere in the world, reliably and at a reasonable price.

Education is important to us all, no matter how young or old. Browsing the WEB brings many persons and sites who provide education in many fields. Some are well qualified, others are not. A University education can be a online FREEBY or just simply, a online course.

If your computing world is a Apple one, Don McAllister from Screencast’s online, is a great educator and trainer, in the Apple computing world. Don’s screencasts, video tutorial APP’s and even a monthly magazine are educational, informative and just a excellent experience. Don puts in the effort and wields technology with professionalism. I have never regretted a single dollar I have spent on a subscription to Don for many years. Don is a great example of technology enabling the individual.

I have a good (30 plus years) IT background and knowledge set. I keep myself up to date, mainly in the APPLE world with technology. I indulge myself with hardware and software (APP’s).

I am not a young man anymore. I see the struggle individuals, families and the young have with this rapidly evolving digital world. It is just about impossible to purchase a mobile phone that is not a “smart” phone. The plain old mobile phone is disappearing.

How do mum’s and dad’s handle their children’s access to technology that provides instant communications, is always on, removes the barriers of oceans and borders? Language difference is also a rapidly disappearing barrier along with cultural, religious and socio economic status. (You should have Alychi design you a home computing network/system :-))

I am digitally enabled. I am connected to the world (others like you and me) 24/7. I watch, learn and participate at my choosing. There are downsides, but I enjoy this digital world.

My office has this magical panoramic window. I can see around the world, even into space. I can purchase things, express my opinion, write letters, distribute/display my video, shout yell and cry. I will be heard and seen if I wish. I have choice and a voice!

This same window, (portable size and functionality of my choice) can be carried in my pocket or hand. Wonderful!

Aly Chiman

Aly Chiman is a Blogger & Reporter at which covers a wide variety of topics from local news from digital world fashion and beauty . AlyChiTech covers the top notch content from the around the world covering a wide variety of topics. Aly is currently studying BS Mass Communication at University.

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