How to Delete Your Google+ Page?

how to delete google plus pageDo you have a Google+ page that is unused from long time or for some reasons you want to delete it? When you tried to delete Google+ Page, it warned you that Google account associated with that page will also get deleted and thus you got confused which account they are talking about? Don’t worry. I’ve tried to explain here what exactly that message means.

I had one unused Google+ page and I decided to delete it. After reaching at final deletion page, I got confused by reading their warning message. It says – Deleting xxx page will also delete the Google account that’s associated with it: I was confused which account they are talking about. If it’s about my main account, I’ll then in big loss. Furthermore, I selected Delete Page option by switching to that page and when this message showed up, name and image to the top right corner was automatically switched to my main Google+ account.

I searched on internet but got nothing. On Google+ developers discussion topics, somebody said it’s different account but wasn’t sure enough. So I did my own little research and got the answer.

I figured that you can delete your Google+ page in two different ways.

  • Direct Delete Google+ Page

At present, Google don’t allow to create Google+ Page without creating Google+ Profile. Thus to create a Google+ Page you’ll need to create Google+ Profile with your email ID. When you create new Google+ Page, a separate account is created automatically. You don’t see it but that’s the Google account they talk about before you proceed to delete your Google+ Page.

Follow these steps to directly delete Google+ Page –

1.  Log in to your Google+ account and go to Pages.

2.  Select Google+ Page that you want to delete and switch to that page.

3.  Go to settings and scroll down to option Delete Page at the bottom.

4.  When you click on Delete Page option it’ll ask confirmation for next procedure. Select Delete Page to continue.

5.  Next you’ll see the final confirmation message with risks to your account by deleting it. Select three check boxes and hit the Delete button.

  • Delete Google+ Page via Transferring Ownership

Deleting Google+ Page only delete Google account associated with it (this is separate from main Google+ Profile) and don’t affect Google+ Profile. Google haven’t explained this in detailed and thus there is confusion about it. That’s why it’s okay if don’t want to take any risk. You can still safely delete Google+ Page with alternate method.

For this you want temporary/spare Google+ account and then you can simply transfer Google+ Page ownership to that account. Now you can completely remove your main Google+ Profile from that Google+ Page and easily delete from that second Google+ Profile. Benefit – Doesn’t matter if your second account gets deleted along with it or not but your main Google+ Profile will remain unaffected. Pretty cool huh!

Follow these steps to indirectly delete Google+ Page

1.  Follow step 1 and step2 mentioned above.

2.  Create new temporary Google+ account. If you already have one, then send Page management request to that account from Google+ Page. Accept the request from second account.

3.  To transfer Google+ Page ownership to someone else, that person should Manager of Page for at least two weeks. So wait for two weeks if you just added new account and proceed later, otherwise continue next procedure.

4.  Go to Managers section and choose the person/account to which you want to transfer page ownership to and from drop down list, select the option Transfer ownership to xxx.

5.  You’ll see the confirmation message, click OK. Now you can see that you’ll be the manager of that page and other person/account is new owner.

6.  Now log in to your temp/second account to which you’ve just transferred Google+ Page ownership and follow all the steps mentioned in above method to delete that Google+ Page.

Google+ Page deletion won’t and shouldn’t delete Google+ account. If you’ve unused Google+ Page, you can simply keep it as it is or can delete it to make your dashboard less jumbled (for multiple page owners). You can proceed by any of the method described above.

If you’ve’ve found another easiest way to delete Google+ Page or faced any problem at any stage, share your experience here.

In conclusion

Deleting any account/page is always a risky task as it deletes almost all of data present on it. It’s even tough to decide when deleting Google+ Page as it might be connected with multiple products. Although deleting Google+ Page won’t affect Google+ profile, Google haven’t clearly mentioned so. Meanwhile, if want to delete any Google+ Page then you can go through any of the method described above. I’ve done research on it, so it’s trustworthy.


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