Why Satisfied Clients Should Be your Primary Focus

meeting customer deadlines

You were never a good Sales Executive if you haven’t interacted with frustrating clients. Good, sensible and understanding clients can also become irritating. So you simply have to figure out what they need.

In fact, what they expect from you is more important than what actually you have promised them. Clients understand that sometimes Projects won’t be driven home on time. But if you feed them wrong deadlines again and again, then you will have to face the rage. So never make promises about deadlines that won’t be met with.

Clients according to me are the ones who have trusted to be the right person to do their work and if you disappoint them again and again, then you should be ready for the client to be choosing another company for their Projects.

‘Satisfied Client is the Hen that will lay golden Eggs.’

Every Client, no matter how big the project is supposed to be giving you Multiple Projects in future. So every Client that you lose because of the fake Promises will result in a potential loss of more than half of your business. Let’s take an example of an IT company which has a Clientele of Satisfied customers. This company will have a stable business and will get a better growth than the company which has a long list of clients but unhappy clients.

The best means to market your company is word-of-mouth. So every unhappy client will tell the people close to him to stay away from your company. And similarly, every Satisfied client will no doubt grant you more work, but in fact, recommends you as a better Company.

Deadlines V/s Quality:

We always face this situation where we have to either deliver the Project on time or compromise on the quality. So you are expected to give the best Product in the Least Possible time. But as a human being you are tend to face this situation at least more than once in your lifetime. So what you have to do is establish your selling skills.

If you can ask the client to wait for the delay, then you are in a good position to preserve the Company’s reputation. But if the client wants the project completed within time then you will have to provide them a product that has not been tested to work efficiently. I don’t mean here that companies don’t test the product, but the only thing you can save time on is by lessening the hours of testing.

It happens quite frequently that when you roll out an untested product then it hampers your company’s reputation. Hence, you won’t end up getting Satisfied Clients and Customers. The only thing that you should target when you pitch someone is not to close the sale. But to make sure that you end up having a Satisfied Client a.k.a hen that lays golden eggs.


This situation arises when the client is either not satisfied with your service or the you have rolled out a very bad product for the customers. So to make sure that you don’t face this situation you have to make sure that the customer gets the kind of service or Product he is looking for.

What you should do when the customer asks for a refund? When such situations arise, you either tend to get demotivated with the potential loss you are going to face or you either switch to the Legend level of Sales.

You start convincing the client to understand the problem that occurred. But this is the most important part of Sales. You should never give up on such situations. Your only motive here should be to make sure that the client is happy no matter how much loss you suffer. If the client leaves the company on a bad note then you have already lost a lot of potential business behind you.
satisfying customers


Testimonials are the best form of Marketing. If I break this to a very basic statement then word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing. People tend to purchase products when they hear about that product from a friend or Colleague or a Super Star. People tend to opt for services from a company who have given good experiences to their friend and mates.

In fact, for a website visitors the first thing that makes them work with the company is the testimonial. That is why you will always find testimonials on the Home Page of every website. A Satisfied client will always be glad to provide you with his testimonial. Hence, if you win the war (that is, complete the project on time with a quality service) then don’t hesitate to call for your clients for testimonials. This is something that will surely help you grow your business and assist you get more leads.

So Next time when you face the wrath of a frustrated client make sure that you don’t end up losing him. Uncertainties happen. But what you execute after that decides the kind of Sales Executive you will become.

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