How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength on Laptop: Best Methods

How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength on Laptop: Best Methods


Increase WiFi signal strength  Laptops comes with in-built Wi-Fi network adaptors which allows you to connect Wi-Fi without connecting any additional hardware component to your Laptop. A good signal strength is necessary to ensure reliable and good connection speed. Connection speed is always required while downloading and browsing the web. Slow Internet speed will frustrate you. First make sure you are near to and in the range of the Wi-Fi hub to receive good signal strength. generally the strength of signal is better on Laptops than Mobile, but you can also make the additional changes to increase WiFi signal strength on Laptop.

Tips to Increase WiFi Signal Strength

If WiFi Option is missing on your laptop then you have to install drivers for your wireless network Adaptor. If the drivers are already installed then update them to the latest drivers which will fix any bugs present in your old driver. To update drivers you can check the manufacturers site or check Windows update for driver updates.

Make sure your laptop is in the range of receiving good signal from the Wireless router. Check the signal strength if it is low then move closer to WiFi source.

To boost WiFi Signal you can use repeaters, it picks up WiFi signals and retransmit them after amplifying which increases the range of signal. You can use repeater near your laptop to get best speed.

If your laptop has obsolete WiFi antenna then you can add an external antenna to receive good signal strength. You laptop must support add-on antennas to use this option. It is recommended to use USB wireless network adaptor with external antenna because it improves the signal range and the antenna can be adjusted for fine tuning.

Your WiFi Routers sends wi-fi signals on several channels. Using different wireless channel will reduce interference from other devices. You can change the channel in your Routers settings. For more information check you routers manual to change the wireless channel.

Some network adapters support adjusting their transmission power. If available then change transmission power of your router to maximum. This setting can be accessed through the adaptors driver interface program. If your laptop is on power saving mode the adaptors range and signal strength will automatically lowered.

Like drivers for your laptop there is firmware for your router which tells it how to function. Updating firmware will improve the performance. You can check the manufacturers website to download latest firmware and the method to install it.

Default antennas in your router are omnidirectional which transmit signals in all directions equally. You can replace the by Directional Antenna which uses all the power to transmits signals in one direction. Directional antenna improves the range of signal in a particular direction.

Remove all the obstacles surrounding your router like metal objects, books and other materials around your routers. Do not place your router near metal objects and make sure there is no thick wall obstructing the signal.

Objects like mobile phone, microwave ovens, Television etc. uses same frequencies as your router which interfere with router channel and reduces the signal strength. You cannot completely remove them but make sure these things are placed away from your router to reduce interference.

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