Solve Overheating problem in Redmi 1S- Fixed

Solve Overheating Problem in Xiaomi Redmi 1S: Fixed


Solve overheating Problem in Redmi 1S  Xiaomi recently launched two Android smartphones in Indian market. In terms of hardware both phones are worth for money but while using the mobile youll face very annoying problems. Like in Xiaomi MI3 users reported problem while using whatsapp, low RAM problem. In Redmi 1S there are a lot of problems like apps exit or crashes automatically, low RAM available, Whatsapp cant access the contacts, Overheating problem. In this guide well give you the reasons why your Redmi 1S mobile heats up and some solution you can try to minimize the heating of the device.

In this article well discuss about the problem and solution of overheating problem in Redmi 1S.

Reason of Overheating Problem in Redmi 1S

Redmi 1S uses over clocked Snapdragon 400 processor. Overclocking may be the reason of heating of the device. Generally Snapdragon 400 is clocked at 1.2 GHz but in Redmi 1S it is overclocked to 1.6 GHz.

Redmi 1S heats when you play high graphics game like Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2, FIFA 14 or while playing 1080p videos.

Your device will heat up while recording videos or using camera for long period.

FIX- Solve Overheating problem in Redmi 1S

Xiaomi stated on their official Facebook page that

In our internal tests as well as with our feedback group, weve found that these changes significantly reduce the devices overall temperature while also improving battery life. Were going to continue to optimize temperature control in future builds so please keep sending us your feedback,

In the Latest update of Redmi 1S Xiaomi focussed on the following issues:

RAM Management: In the latest update MIUI JHCMIBH 45.0(stable) users will be able to operate multiple apps without crashing of apps automatically.

Overheating Issues: This update prevents your device from heating but there is a consequent drop down in the performance of the device.

You can either download it from here or update it by using your Redmi 1S mobile.

Latest Update for Xiaomi Redmi 1S .

To update using phone go to updater and tap on check for Updates.

Now youll see the latest version of ROM tap on it and then tap on Update.

This update is about 515 MB and available over the air. This update will optimize your issues in Redmi 1S. Hope this guide solved overheating problem in Redmi 1S. If this tutorial is helpful to you then you can share it with your friends who owns Redmi 1S using Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You can also give your feedback by commenting below whether overheating problem is fixed by installing this update or not.


Sir just before i updated your link, then also issue will continue over heating plz send any suggestion to me

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