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How To Install Gnome Shell In Ubuntu 11.10

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If you love to play with Ubuntu and want to try new things, then you will love to try Gnome Shell. Gnome shell is the user interface for Gnome desktop environment, Unlike in Ubuntu 11.04(which crashes Ubuntu after the installation if Gnome) you can use Gnome shell in Ubuntu 11.10(I hope you are using it) safely.

Eventhough Ubuntu 11.10′s desktop environment is named “Unity”, it is actually based on Gnome 3.1.5. So you just need to install Gnome shell to activate the new Gnome desktop environment. Just follow the steps here and you will be fine.

You can actually see my cool desktop, which is Gnome desktop environment.

Gnome shell – Gnome Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 11.10

First things first, backup you data to some safe place as we are going to play with the OS and go to Ubuntu software center and search for “gnome shell” and just install it. If you want to be geeky then you can also use the terminal and below are the instructions to install gnome shell via terminal.

To install gnome shell from terminal, press “CTRL + ALT + T” to launch the terminal and enter the following command and press enter.

This command will fetch and install gnome shell, with that you are finished installing gnome shell. To active gnome desktop environment you have to logout of the current session and select “Gnome” in settings on the login page and just login to enjoy the Gnome desktop environment.

You can also install “Gnome Tweak Tool” to make your desktop even more cool. To install gnome tweak tool you the following command in the terminal.

Hope this help to customize and enjoy the new gnome desktop environment.


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