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The uPro uses state of the art technology to make it the most innovative and effective product of its kind. With features that are unparalleled for a golf GPS device, the uPro provides the avid golfer with aerial and satellite photography of the golf course coupled with GPS technology to clearly show golf course hazards, distance and the overall layout of each hole.

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You Won’t Be Disappointed, By Sam S. (US)

I got the Upro a couple of weeks ago. Hooked it up to my mac,which has Parallel, and Vista installed on it. I had trouble getting the Upro to load up,so I grabbed my laptop running windows XP,and was off and running. I found my home course that wasn’t mapped yet and requested it. 4 business days later I had my course mapped, just like Upro promises.

I have played 2 rounds using the Upro and this thing is awesome. It is very accurate with yardage and with hazards. It is very simple to navigate thru the different screens on the Upro, pro mode vs basic mode. My only complaints with this product so far is that the screen in pro mode is a little hard to see in the sun, but basic mode is just fine.

The aerial images are not as crisp and clear as it leads you to believe by watching the demo on Upros website.

As one reviewer said no manual, but really no big deal, just go to Upros website and download the pdf manual to you computer.

Bottomline, great gps device,happy with my purchase,and recommend it if your in the market to buy a gps.

Amazing Product!, By M. Cook (Seattle, WA)

Beats every other golf GPS distance measuring unit on the market! Visuals you see of the hole are just like you see on a TV telecast. No little stick-figure drawings of the hole like on competitors units. Measuring how far you hit it or how far you have from where you are to a hazard or the hole is invaluable. Buy one, you’ll see what I mean!

upro gps best for golf geeks, By David M. (Orange, CT)

I have used the Sky Caddie in the past, but, once my yearly subscription ended I chose to wait to renew until I saw the Upro. I have been playing with it for 2 weeks now. Initially my home course was not mapped, but within 4 days it was. The flyovers although not perfect are exceptionally helpful when playing a new course. Also very helpful is viewing the hole with an actual photo and being able to measure to any spot from where you are on the course. I know that it will be about a year before all courses are mapped, however, hands down this blows away the sky caddie for size, features and capability. If you are comfortable with technology you will love it. If you are a technophobe try something else.

uPro versus SkyCaddie, By D. Kunder (USA)

uPro shows yardage on an aerial view of a hole which is much more informative than the cryptic notation of SkyCaddie. It’s also somewhat smaller.

On the negative side, the GPS is slower to acquire distances and it times itself out all too frequently (45 sec. max)and then is slow in updating distances. Also, the ‘Auto Hole Advance’ is not automatic, requiring several button presses to get to the next hole.

For a course that’s familiar, the SkyCaddie gets the nod (because of the time-out problem) while for a new/strange course the aerial feature of the uPro is superior.

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