How to Lock and apps on Windows Phone

How to Lock and apps on Windows Phone


Want to hide apps on Windows phone and keep your sensitive information safe on windows phone without installing anything special then you are at the right place to complete your wish. This task can be achieved by the Apps corner feature on your Windows phone. There could be many reasons for hiding the apps on your Windows phone like you want to hide the unuseful apps or try to hide some apps which contains sensitive information. There are two method to hide apps on Windows phone, one is to hide apps without installing any apps and other is to hide apps by installing other security apps from Windows store. In this guide well show you how to apps on Windows phone without installing any other apps and if you want to try hiding and locking your apps using security apps from Windows Store then try the apps recommended in the end of this tutorial.

Best Method to apps on Windows Phone

Before trying the method given below, make sure your Windows phone is updated or have the latest Windows phone updates, because the apps corner feature is available on Windows Phone 8.1, if your Phone is not updated the try this guide to install latest update 

Swipe Left on Start screen and tap on settings

Make sure you are on System settings.

Now tap on the apps corner=>Apps

Select the apps which you want to hide on your phone and then tap on check button at the bottom of the screen.

Now tap on the arrow button at the bottom to enter apps corner.

To exit apps corner press and hold power button and swipe right.You will be asked for a password if you have already set one up.

Slide to right and navigate to Settings>>Apps Corner

Tap on the Protect my Phone with a password

Now enter new password and confirm password and then tap on done.

Now you have to enter password to exit from apps corner they need password.

Recommended apps to Lock & apps on Windows Phone

Lock & 

Matrix Vault 

Now you have just learnt how to lock and hide applications on Windows phone you can get more tips about the Windows phone in our Windows category. If you faced any problem while following this guide, you can ask us by commenting below and don.t forget like and share this guide to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. To get more updates about Windows Phone subscribe to our blog.


i have a lumia 730 . In apps corner app i cant find the option of protect my phone by password..kindly help

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