Top 5 best CyanogenMod alternatives for android

Top 5 best CyanogenMod alternatives for android


Best CyanogenMod alternatives for android smart phones: Android is one of the biggest operating system platform used in smart phones. Being an open source one can modify its source code and customize it as per need. CyanogenMod is one such example. It gives amazing user interface with handful of customizable themes. But nothing is perfect in this world and so is CyanogenMod. Although developer tries to bring regular updates but still many times users face problems.

So if you have a rooted smart phone and looking for best custom ROMs other then CyanogenMod then this post is for you. Below I have given some best CyanogenMod alternatives for android smart phones. Although all of them are best but still you are requested to choose which supports your device. So take a look at custom ROMs like CyanogenMod.

Top 5 best CyanogenMod alternatives for android:

MIUI: This ROM has created a huge buzz in recently (especially in India). Well MIUI is a stock firmware developed by Xiaomi tech. Yes you must have heard this name if you Xiaomi user. Many tech experts said that MIUI is copied from Apple’s ios but still users love in their Xiaomi smart phones. Best part about MIUI is it gives you lots of features like Mi Cloud messaging, heavily customized user interface, anti spam as well permission manager feature. Your device is also protected from viruses and you can backup it any time.

So just click and get MIUI in your device.

AOSB: AOSB stands for Android Open Source Bam project is also one of the best custom firmware ROM available. Best part about AOSB is its booting time. Developers claim that firmware boots up in 2 seconds and shut down in 1 second only.

Users will get advanced battery bar, multi gesture support, multitasking capabilities and multiple UI like dark or light. You can get AOSB from here

Carbon Rom: another amazing CyanogenMod alternative. Carbon ROM is best known for its simple interface. While using this ROM one can get glimpse of android. It doesn’t contain unnecessary apps so offers fast response time and less lags. You will get different navigation and lock-screen options.

Features like HALO, PIE and different screen modes make it different from other custom ROMs.

You can download Carbon ROM for as Cyanogens alternative from here.

Paranoid android: Number 4 in our list of top 5 best CyanogenMod alternatives. This custom Rom provides you multiple themes to choose from. Supports many gestures and swipe features. You can also hide the notification bar and navigation bar. There is one floating mode also which allows users to open smaller version of applications from recent apps without closing or opening. This Cynaogen like Rom is specially defined in different modes to support mobile, tablets or phablets.

Paranoid android provides you many security features and other features like HALO etc.

You can download paranoid android from here

Omni ROM: well you must have heard about XDA developers and community. This ROM is developed by XDA to comepet with Cynaogemod. OmniRom is a new custom firmware in the market. It has got some features like app switcher and kill app. It will provide OpenDelta update for incremental updates which reduces Rom download size.

Omni Rom also provides features that provide users to set hotwords. Hotwords can be used to open chrome, startup a call or even play music. So it’s more or less similar to Ok Google.

Hopefully these custom ROMS will make your phone run better. These CyanogenMod alternatives will not let you down in any aspects.

If you still have any problem or suggestions feel free to ask in the comment box below.


It a tough competition between different OS types. But there is no doubt in saying that Cyanogen is the most popular out of all these mods.

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