How To Plan 85 Blog Posts In Advance

Massive kudos to Fredric Leskog for an awesome mindjog to help me come up with topics for the rest of #blogg100! The following ideas can help you, too, to not feel overwhelmed after committing to blogging regularly. They certainly helped me!

I commented on Facebook on this blog post from Wolber World (in Swedish) where Fredrik lays out a list of 12 seriously useful time management and organization tips for bloggers. Since he is a super helpful and generous person he then shared the following just as “extra tips” for me when I lamented over having 85 remaining daily posts in my #blogg100 marathon race:

How to plan 85 blog posts in advance

25 videos from TED etc to review and comment
12 curation posts, linking to a bunch of interesting reads each
18 topics where I can give how-to posts of 3 or more steps
10 presentations from Slideshare that I want to share
10 books worth writing about
5 online courses etc that I recommend
5 online services/tools that I use
Case studies. Infographics. Events. Trend reports. Podcasts.

Pretty great, don’t you agree? I’ve already started doing research and collecting topics/links from all these categories and now I feel super confident that I’ll make it through! Thanks Fredrik :)

What are your best tips for creating a content schedule for your blog? Please share in the comments!

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