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When blogging, we can get caught up in creating lots of engaging content and not doing enough promotion. Here are lots of great tips from two sources on how to make great content land with your audience in a great way.

One entrepreneurial trait is the love towards the act of creating stuff. After all, it’s an intoxicating feeling to let your creativity pour and put something out into the world that wasn’t there before. But I’ve noticed now when writing this blog, as well as when creating events, food products or business concepts… that it’s when you put a great effort in attracting other people to your creations after you’ve produced them, that you reap the biggest rewards.

This is the reason I’d like to share two links that are both super-helpful after you’ve posted great content on your blog. Let’s go!

1. Just after publishing, put some spin on it: PR guru Jerry Silfwer lays out a fantastic list of action points that will help you reach lots of readers fast. Check out his tips here!

2. When you have a good amount of oldies, promote them again and again: The wordpress plugin “tweet old blog posts” is an insanely helpful automation tool that will expose your old content periodically to your twitter followers. Here’s a blog post that explains how it works and how to configure it from the start and then never having to think about it again. Read the tips here, and then install the plugin!

Now, the entrepreneurial question is this: How can you translate all the tips in the two helpful links above into marketing and promotion techniques that you can use for any kind ofmproduct/service, and not only for content? Please share in the comments!

Aly Chiman

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