How to Select a Perfect Domain Name?

This article is aimed to help you select a perfect domain name for your blog or website.

Domain name is a unique address of your website or blog in form of words. It is the major contributing factor in how people perceive your image. There are lot many messages that a domain name conveys so you need to pay lot of attention while selecting it.

It all starts with a great name!

Which Domain is Classified as Good one?

It is very simple. Your domain will be considered good if it has following characteristics.

  • It’s short.
  • It’s meaningful.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Looks good.
  • Capable of becoming your identity
  • It is a TLD(Top Level Domain)

Why Domain Selection is Important?

Selecting a good domain name right in the start is important because it cannot be changed so easily afterwards. If you later decide to shift to a new domain then all your efforts will be wasted. So selecting an appropriate domain right in the start is very important.

Main Types of Domain Concepts

Domain names can be broadly classified into two concepts.

  1. Domains for Brand
  2. Domains consisting of Keywords

Domains for Brand

If you are going to represent a brand then you need not to include any meaningful keywords in it because your brand is your identity. Just take example of,,, and All these websites are well known but you can see these domain do not carry any meaning. It is about style, it is about concept. So if you are planning to move on these lines then you have to just select a domain name that is short, easy to remember and looks great.

Domains Consisting of Keywords

These are the domains made to appear self-explanatory. They include one or more of the central keyword that represents the primary objective of that particular website or blog. It is helpful in search engine optimization. Take the example of, and it is very clear right from their name that what these website are about. So if you are making a website on a specific topic and it is not representing a brand then your domain should include your primary keyword. In this way, your domain will become a self-explanatory identity and it will benefit you in ranking your articles in search engines.

What to Keep in Mind in Selecting a Domain

Irrespective of the domain name you select, you can easily promote your website and can make it a success. But if you want to make it convenient for you and want to go with style then keep following things in mind.

  • Domain should not have more than 12 characters. 5 to 8 are ideal.
  • It’s either a brand or it carries the necessary keyword.
  • Easy to read and remember.
  • Doesn’t contain dashes(-) or digits
  • It is a TLD

Your domain name is your most precious property on the internet and is just like a real estate on internet so it needs to be protected. You must learn to keep your domain name safe. If you need any more assistance then feel free to leave your comments below.

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