Protect Your Under Construction Website From Google Devil

Is Google the Devil? Protecting your website from the google devil know as Google Crawlers is one of the basic part of SEO. It is a part that too many people seem to ignore. Webmasters confirmed, amateurs or beginners, the basic principle of creating a website is one.

google devil



All data found on the net and can be saved, if you have a page work incomplete, it is surely on risk and if you work primarily on the content and that you do not tag title or description, correct if a bot pass it records it encounters.

When you think  SEO , you youll be the first to wonder that Google, among others refer you, come and start a SOS in the forum webmastering . This can be bad for your position in google also.


Must quickly understand what this case was registered by the bot engine is not at all what will happen to your page once over
And if you do not protect, which way means if you do not block (in the sense to prohibit viewing) unfinished pages that are online and you cannot do take into account changes in engines:

  • You have searched a bit, right?
  • Youre not out of the woods
  • You are good for a beautiful further loss of time, which could easily be avoided

How To Protect Under Construction Website From Bots?

There are solutions:

1. The file  robots.txt : Placed at the root of your site with this in it:

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /

It will ask bots different engines not browse this site, so do not save anything.
But if a link, which is the smallest, is somewhere in one or more of your pages. .. this application will certainly not read nor respected

2. Meta tags in the head of your source code: The solution is simply to place the source code for ALL your pages in their part head the following lines:

<meta name=robots CONTENT=NOINDEX, nofollow, all />

This means simply that when a bot will arrive on a page he will see that there are instructions that concern not to index the page in the engine, do not follow links to see other pages or .

When the site is done

Now that your site is finished, you can remove these protections and begin to attract the bots, both in the robots.txt file and meta tags, placing this example:

1. To robots.txt:

User-Agent: *

(All engines can access it )

2. Beacons For:

<meta name=robots content=index, follow, all />

(All engines can index the page, or follow the links search images and other files)

Yes, but I did not know!

There you go into the dark world referencing, i.e. the registration of your site and its pages in search engines. World in which youll start by entering the wrong door

The results already achieved may very well not change as long  the bot knows these pages and will not go back or change anything just for you

These results more than exotic will do nothing for your site, if it is only in downgrade pages in the depths results

(the object of this trick finally ) You will have to do more work than others to lose more time than others to your site might yet appear in the results relevant to their content or related to your topic  but this is a whole other topic  to follow in the same section.

In the world of SEO everything starts (even) BEFORE!

Take the time to implement these few tips, these few precautions; it will be even better for you and your site for more. This is a very brief summary is intended to voluntarily simple explanation and understanding, so that you can all understand, apply and enjoy these few points, from personal experience and various posts in the forums expressed .

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