Improve Your Web Browsre with Extensions |

Improve Your Web Browsre with Extensions

You would like to pull out maximum from today’s web browsers? We will present you 23 freeware tools which you can use to add more useful fun…


You would like to pull out maximum from today’s web browsers? We will present you 23 freeware tools which you can use to add more useful functions in Internet Explorer and Firefox. You don’t need to spend too much time to refresh your web browser on Internet you will find a huge number of extensions for Internet Explorer and Firefox which can be installed very easily.

Forecasrfox Fans of weather forecast will be thrilled with this news source from web location He is opening on Firefox toolbar and showing real weather forecast and forecasts for setup location. Customize Google Use this extension to setup Google Search results (example: to show search

results without advertisements etc.) IE View Some Web pages can’t be opened in Mozilla Firefox. This extension enabling that

these pages open in Internet Explorer window. POTO Sidebar Extension If you did use Opera Web Browser, than you probably know for his bar for navigation and icons which leads to useful information’s. Users of Firefox can also enjoy in similar tool, which enabling access to remembered web pages and recently download extensions. NoScript Get “Gorilla” for Firefox: this extension automatically stops running of JavaScript code from web pages. You can also setup from which pages JavaScript can be loaded. You can do that by adding specific web pages in NoScript list. PDF Download How much times did you spend on downloading Adobe Acrobat documents? This tool can help you to quickly see PDF documents (or to open them as HTML file) in Firefox window or to quickly save them on Hard-Drive. Google Toolbar for Firefox Tool with open code Google bar was very good tool for Firefox users, but now Google made their own Google Toolbar for Firefox. Possibilities which are worth of your attention in this Toolbar are: check of spelling, tools for translating etc. View Cookies If you are interested to see which cookies are present on any page which you are visiting this is great extension for you. This tool will give you all information’s about cookies and also possibility to delete suspicious one. GMail Notifier Are you using GMail? This toll is hidden in status bar and informing you when

you receive new email. Sage 1.3.5 This small RSS reader have a lot of possibilities. He offer better way for tracking news than Firefox function LiveBookmarks, because he is showing much more information’s from Web Diary Copy Plan Text If you are copying text from web pages to much often, you would like to install this extension because you can copy text without formatting. Adblock This is program for advertising blocking by using filters. For Example: you can block advertisement with images in GIF format or those which are coming from setup source. FlashBlock With this extension you can block Macromedia Flash, including Shockwave files. On Web Pages they will be replaced with small houses on which you can press with mouse to run appropriate content. PasswordSafe Don’t be satisfied with password which you are using to protect your account just because it is hard for you to remember them. PasswordSafe can protect a huge number of passwords in coded database. Only password which you need to remember is password of this software. Avent Browser This Extension bring to Internet Explorer a new look and it also can block flash animations and popup windows, remove temporary directories etc. IeSpell Find error in typing by using this software for checking of

English spelling, this software is checking document content on Web BookmarkSync Synchronize remember web locations between web readers and

exchange them with other users. IE Xtreme This is collections of useful and secure tools for your web

browser. Pluck Do you adore RSS news sources and Web diaries? Take a look on this attractive RSS reader, organizer and tool for sharing, because in same time he enabling exchange of data’s. She also can be useful to organize your favorite web locations inside web browser. There is also available Pluck extension for Firefox web browser. Amplyfy If your Favorite directory is in mess, Amplify will help you

to organize your favorite directory very fast. Feedreader 2.90 Beginners will be satisfied with functionalities with this

simple but powerful RSS reader RoboForm Save important data’s and automatically fill out web form. Eliminate Frauds by using this extension because this extension is showing information’s about specific web location and date of page design. This extension will also warn you when you are on suspicious web location (only if she is listed in FraudEliminator database).


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