Increasing Workplace Productivity: Block Out Your Daily Prime-Time Hours

Increasing Workplace Productivity…That is the age old question that many of us find ourselves trying to solve on a day-to-day basis.  Whether it’s in the workplace or in our personal lives, productivity is and will always be on the forefront of our minds as we live our busy lives.

Below is a great article that I came across which explains how scheduling “Daily Prime-Time Hours” can help with increasing productivity in the workplace AND with your bottom line.

increase work productivity

One the most important internet marketing secrets is to block out your prime time hours.

What is a prime time hour?

A prime time hour is anything you control 100% percent of and is going to generate revenue for you now or sometime in the future. Now, you can have just one prime-time hour a day or two a day, even four a day. I have four. I don’t think you should have more than four. Most people don’t have any.

Think about this. If you only have one prime-time hour a day and you work five days a week – many of us work many more than that – that’s 225 work days per year. How many prime-time, revenue-generating hours are you giving yourself as a gift for the year? You are giving yourself 225 hours.

As a guerilla marketer, don’t you think you can generate some revenue with that? I think so. Isn’t it a sin not to? Aren’t we robbing ourselves? I would like all of you to block out one prime-time hour a day starting next week.

Which hour is the most important of the day? It’s the first hour of the day. Why? You are fresher in the morning than you are after having been beaten down by the events of the day. You start with the positive.

But, what is the first thing that you typically do when you get in front of your computer? Check email. Is that an interruption? Yes.

And worse, it can start your whole day off badly. What if you wake up and see an email from someone asking for a refund? Doesn’t that put you into some type of emotional tail spin which you don’t want to be a part of?

Now, what if you do this instead? Rather than checking your email, you generate revenue for one full hour first. Don’t you feel good about yourself? You’ve already crossed out some things on your master action to-do list. You can handle that bad news a little better now. See what I am saying?

When people get the bad news first, they concentrate on that bad news, not the good news. When you start with good news, it is not so bad afterwards.

So, start with good news. Start your day with a revenue-generating activity. Make sure if you only have one prime-time hour, that hour is in the very beginning. Eventually, you want no less than two hours a day that are prime time.

Another element of prime time is to focus only on revenue-generating activities you can control. I think everyone knows what that means. The third element is always avoid the daily interruptions you cannot control, like email. Just turn email off. Don’t listen to your voicemail. Don’t take phone calls. That’s why you have voice mail (but don’t listen to your voice mail either). Don’t open your letters. Tell your family it’s prime time and have them support you in saying they cannot enter the office or call you. (Unless, heaven forbid, it’s an emergency.)

Start with a revenue-generating activity, and you will feel great about yourself.

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