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Ever since Google Music Beta was launched, the inability able to purchase music has left us feeling that the service was incomplete — at least when compared to similar offerings by others (most notably Amazon).

So why didn’t Google offer this service from the outset? It is widely believed that Google’s negotiations with record labels to provide content to Google Music users were stalled and that Google simply wasn’t able to shore up these deals in time for their desired launch date.

Nearly four months after Google started sending out the first wave of music invites, rumors are now heating up that Google is all set to launch their music store.  We reported last week that Google was in fact  and that it would allow users to share purchased songs with others.

Today’s rumor suggests that the release may be imminent. The rumor comes from Germany-based News on Droid, who pointed their mobile browser to and were greeted with the following screen (a larger version can be found in the gallery).

As you can see from the above image, the second bullet point suggests you will soon be able to purchase millions of songs on the Android market. When you click on the shop Android Market button, it takes you to , which takes you to a not-yet-live page on Google’s site.

Yes, it’s possible that this screenshot could be an elaborate Photoshop job, as I was unable to replicate the page after attempting multiple accounts on multiple devices. That being said, we do believe that a Google Music Store is coming soon and has been in development since at least July when a new set of

were found behind the scenes in the newest Android Market build.

All of these rumors point to a release date for Google Music Store on the horizon. As usual, we’ll keep you informed as soon as we receive official word from Google. Stay tuned!




They should first fix issues with the Android Market.

At the moment, it’s just scandalous to have a market so slow and with search is so hazardous.

Imagine if someone wants to buy music and not able to find them lol.

Is this a little late? Are Google really going to make good money from this venture into an already dying music market?

I didn’t really want to say this in the article, but I think it’s almost too late for Google. Personally, I get unlimited music storage in Amazon, and have a Prime membership. I’ve already made my decision when it comes to who is going to get my music business. Google would have to wow me to change that, and being able to share just isn’t going to cut it.

This still isn’t available to anyone outside the USA. As Amazon isn’t either there is a.good chance whoever gets the rest.of first will win.

Good point. I wonder who would have the ability to get there first. Both companies have very large cloud storage divisions.

I can confirm that it’s not a Photoshop job. I saw the same screen when using Opera Mobile.

I’m looking forward to it!

They’d wow me if they could help me get the right album art…compared to other options out there, GM is/has been very beta.

it works on my device too…

see images:

I can’t wait! I love using Music Beta on my PC and Android, and just can’t wait to see what’s going to be the next big step, other than buying 99cents songs. I don’t think Google came to tale to the party, I just think they have a lot to do to really attract the attention of costumers as well to compete with current-days systems like iTunes and Amazon. Integration, and one thing I like about Google is that it only gets better over time. Wish the Big G the best of lucks!

What good should do is to pull off something like Spotify with free unlimited music and also something like last fm for people to discover new music. But they should still offer a dollar a song or whatever, so people can have ownership of their music and it won’t br all online.

let’s destroy itunes..

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