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It’s great to enjoy latest Android version on any Android device before the official release, it has become a fun for Android users, that’s why, we saw a lot of Jelly Bean releases for different Android devices from Android development community and another Jelly Bean release is for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, a senior XDA developer member named DakiX has released Nexness Pro custom ROM for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean build JRO03H.

Jelly Bean brings a smooth interface that is very responsive, it introduces new Google Now app, advanced keyboard app, advanced notification bar, advanced camera app, and more. Nexness has number of other useful tweaks to improve the performance of your tablet, one best thing about this ROM is that it’s rooted.

Read on how to install Nexness Pro ROM on Galaxy Tab 7.7, the ClockworkMod recovery must be installed on the device, follow

to install ClockworkMod recovery and be sure to make a backup of your device data such as SMS, internet setting, contacts music files etc because the below procedure may wipe data, you can sync your contacts with Gmail account and for messages use , lastly use


DISCLAIMER: Please proceed the below guide at your own risk, Android Egis will not be held responsible if your device lost data or get damaged following this guide.

Step #1: Download the latest version of ROM from

[XDA Link] and Google Apps from

or .

Step #2: Transfer both downloaded .zip files to the SD card of device.

Step #3: Turn the device off.

Step #4: Reboot the device into recovery mode by holding down volume up and power buttons, when screen turns on, leave power button but not volume up until you enter in recovery mode (Note: In recovery mode use volume keys to navigate and power button to select).

Step #5: In recovery mode, create a nandroid backup of your current ROM, it’s important because if anything not work out that you expect from this ROM, you’ll be able to easily revert back to your current state. To create backup select “Backup and Restore”, and then select “Backup” again.

Step #6: Perform wipe, to do so, select the wipe data/factory reset, and confirm on the next screen.

Step #7: From the main menu, select “Install Zip from SD Card” then “Choose Zip from SD Card” and locate the downloaded ROM .zip file that you’ve transferred in above step and confirm installation.

Step #8: Once again, repeat the last step and also install Google Apps package.

Step #9: Once the installation is completed, select “Go Back” after that select “Reboot System Now.”

That’s it, enjoy Nexness Pro ROM on your Galaxy Tab 7.7. If you faced any issue, do comment below and you can also visit the original thread of XDA link given in first step.

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Muhammad Umair

November 13th, 2012


I have managed to do the upgrade but not I can see mobile signal but no 3G also data is not working.


February 5th, 2013

Hi, i am having a problwm with my papago. it supports resoluion 1280×800 but after installing of nexness pro JB4.1.1 my papago program is only a 6″ image liek the Note II. its this JB version based on the Note ii. maybe somewhere in the program , is still having on records its 6″ resolution and hence, when papago points to that location to check the screen resolution of device. its tells it the Note ii resolution instead.

there is no issue with the papago program that have installed on other devices with stockware.

pls help


February 5th, 2013

maybe there is some where in the ROm that i can tweaked to get it to say 1280×800 resolution instead of the Note II resolution?


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