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Wildlifers TV

Pursue the Wild

Skull Bound TV

Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon

Host of “Uncharted”

“No-guff gear tip of the year!!!! Go to airarmortech.com and order one of these inflatable protective gun thingies. I take mine everywhere and I’m not getting paid to say this!!”

Co Founder of Kryptek Outdoor Group

“I hunt all over the world, in super-austere environments and extreme conditions. This product provides me an extra sense of confidence…I know my scope is always well protected, and my first shot will be my last, regardless of the abuse it may experience.”

Public Venue, Aerial Platform & 50 Cal Instructor- Tacflow Academy

“Air Armor Tech’s Inflatable Scope Cover’s are an essential piece of kit for the police sniper. Protecting the rifle’s zero is crucial in the law enforcement world. There are no second chances to save lives. The inflatable rifle cases are the perfect transport and protection system for 50 Cal BMG rifles. Mitigating the weight allows these rifles to be deployed in a variety of overwatch positions undetected and carried via the shoulder straps. Quite simply, Air Armor Tech makes our job easier.”

Police Sniper Instuctor – Dead Drift Consulting, LLC

“For optics this expensive and more importantly, this critical, I’ve moved completely away from thin, low-profile “padded” scope covers. They’re worthless for anything other than a bump; this thing is truly ARMOR. If you’re in a high-consequence line of work, it’s worth your time to take a look.”

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