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7 Best Working Pokémon GO Gen 2 Poke Scanners & Trackers

Are you looking for the best real-time Pokémon GO trackers and scanners that still work after the release of Generation


Are you looking for the best real-time Pokémon GO trackers and scanners that still work after the release of Generation 2 update? To help you with catching all the generation 2 Pokémon, we have compiled a list of tried and tested Pokemon scanners/trackers that are based on apps as well as websites and shows Pokémon on maps.

Most of you are well aware of the release of Pokémon GO 2nd Generation by the Niantic which has added more than 80 Pokémon to the collection. And to catch all of them, most of the Pokémon trainers have now started playing the Pokémon GO again so that they can catch them all before their friends.

But to be able to catch all the second generation Pokémon and quickly complete your Pokedex, it is pretty much obvious that you must need to have a working real-time Pokémon scanner that will help you with finding and tracking all those Pokémon around your locality so that you know where you need to go to catch them, right?

Otherwise, you will be spending all of your day and night wandering around your neighborhood (or city) in search for Pokémon.

So to make your Pokémon hunting task easier, we have listed all the best working Pokémon GO scanners and trackers below. Using these scanners, you can scan any area and it will show you the exact location of all the Pokémon in real time on the map.

Isn’t that amazing? 😀

Before we move onto the list, it is important to know that there are two types of PokémonGO scanners/trackers:

Apps Based Scanners/Trackers: They are like your personal scanner, which are completely independent, highly customizable, and the most reliable type of scanners for Pokemon GO.

Website Based Scanners/Trackers: These type scanners are hosted on servers by the third party and sometimes become less reliable as the scanning is completely dependent on the server load.

Below we have listed both types of scanners for you.

Best Apps Based Pokémon GO Gen 2 Trackers & Scanners

The third-party apps based Pokemon GO scanners and trackers are like your own personal Pokemon tracker and scanner that you can use anytime and anywhere to scan any locality for all the available Pokemon without moving an inch away from your place. All for free. 😉

Yes, you read that right. The apps based trackers and scanners mentioned below are so much powerful and have a great potential to help you scan and track the Pokemon you want to catch. Which means, you can manually select the generation 2 Pokémon from the list and the app will update you about them only.

To avoid getting your dummy PTC accounts banned by the Niantic and Pokémon, we will recommend you to follow our easy-to-follow

to quickly create verified PTC accounts. 😀

3. PokeTrack

PokeTrack is a real-time exceptional Pokemon tracker app specially designed for Android phones and tablets. It has the ability to scan for all the Pokemon in the background. The app is powerful enough to show you the names, IV percentage, moves, level, and other characteristics of each Pokemon.

The PokeTrack app supports filtration using which you can select the Pokemon you are want to catch (this option will help find all the rare and legendary Pokemon), and then configure the app to send you a notification every time the specified Pokemon is found. Moreover, you can set a custom notification sound so you know when the Pokemon is tracked.

The developers behind PokeTrack app has managed to awesomely integrate it with the Google Maps so that you can easily find, track, and navigate to the Pokemon using the map. What’s more interesting is the ability to locate all the nearby PokeStops and Gyms so you won’t have to wander around searching for them.

PokeTrack gives you the capability to set Lures for free to attract Pokemon. And if you are playing the game with your friends then you can share the Pokemon spawn location with all of them right through the PokeTrack app.

You can download PokeTrack app APK for Android from .

2. PokiiMap

PokiiMap is an outstanding app that allows you to scan for Pokemon and show you the spawns on the map so you won’t have to roam around your neighborhood in a search for Pokemon.

PokiiMap is a feature-rich scanner for Android with a lot of functionalities to help you catch all the Pokemon and complete your Pokedex.

You can login using Google or PTC account (we recommend you to use ) and setup the app using filters and notification so that it will show and alert you for only those Pokemon you are really interested in catching.

All the Pokemon shown by the PokiiMap will present you with the detailed stats of each Pokemon including its name, IVs, level, and other powers so you can distinguish what you are catching and if it is worthy or not.

In case you don’t know, PokiiMap can also be used for Pokemon sniping. More details about the advanced sniping functionalities are .

You can download PokiiMap app APK for Android from .

1. PokeSensor

PokeSensor is a completely free and extremely customizable Pokémon scanner app that provides adjustable scanning distance and scanning speed along with enhanced adaptability for reliable scanning and tracking. The interface is easy to understand for anyone, with simplified controls and configurations.

The tracker works seamlessly to help you search and locate all the nearby Pokemon along with their IVs details, which comes handy to find out if the Pokemon worth your efforts to catch. Even though all the settings must need to be done manually, but the end-result of the app totally worth it.

The PokeSensor app is capable of scanning the area of up to 2000-meter radius to find and show you the exact location of all the hidden Pokemon. The app even supports background scanning along with the provision for notifications.

The amazing team of hardworking developers behind this app always tries their best to keep it constantly updated and in working condition after every update has been released by Niantic. Apart from that, new features and functionalities are also added to make your Pokemon hunting feel like a peanut.

You can download PokeSensor app APK for Android from .

Best Website Based Pokémon GO Gen 2 Live Trackers, Scanners, Radars

In this section, we have listed the best working website based Pokémon GO live trackers, scanners, and radars. All of the below-mentioned websites are frequently updated and will help you find all the rare and legendary generation 2 Pokemon in any part of the world.

4. PokeHunter

PokeHunter is a global Pokémon scanner where you can select any custom location from any part of the world, the scanner will then scan and show you all the Pokémon found within the selected radius.

The usage is very straightforward. Enter your location in the box provided below “Find your location” and then press enter. On the map, look for the specific area you want to scan and click on the map. A popup will appear with a button that says, “Scan Here”. Clicking on it will begin the scan. Once the scan is complete, it will show you all the Pokemon found there.

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You can even hide the Pokemon you don’t want to see on the map. And apart from tracking Pokemon, the website also shows you the nearby available PokeStops and Gyms along with the team details about the gym.

The only limitation is the limited scan radius and you have to wait for 60 seconds before you are allowed to rescan.

3. PokeSearch

PokeSearch is a popular real-time Pokemon scanner that has been helping the Pokemon GO trainers to catch rare and legendary Pokémon for quite some time now. Similar to the PokeHunter site mentioned above, PokeSearch is also a global Pokémon tracker that supports scanning for any part of the world.

Scans are not always reliable and you may need to scan your selected area twice to find the Pokémon, but it just works most of the time.

And regarding settings and configurations, the website allows you to hide Pokemon you are not interested in catching, you can enable notification for any selected Pokémon based on its rarity so you know when your favorite ultra rare Pokémon is discovered.

2. PokeHuntr

No. This is not a typo. PokeHuntr is another Pokemon scanner service publicly available and works throughout the world, without any issue. It was previously closed due to copyright issues from Niantic, Inc, but now it is back up and serving Pokemon GO trainers with a real time Pokemon tracking map.

PokeHuntr allows you to filter the Pokemon to help you find and track only those monsters that you want to catch, rest will be hidden. Moreover, you can even set the IV percentage. For example, if you set the IV percentage to 85% then you will only see those Pokemon that has 85% or greater IV value.

1. PokeVS

PokeVS is a another reliable Pokemon scanner for Pokemon GO. Inititally, the site was providing scanning and tracking services to the trainers located in Santa Monica only. But a little while ago, after seeing the huge success and gaining popularity, the developers have expanded their Pokemon scanner services to all parts of the world.

Similar to others on the list, PokeVS also provides filteration to narrow down the Pokemon scan results according to the Pokemon you want to catch. You can easily mark those monsters you want to catch and save the list. Apart from that, the IV percentage filtration is much more simplified, giving you four options i.e. hide Pokemon with less than 90% IV, less than 75% IV, less than 50% IV, or less than 25% IV.

Nope. That is not all. We will keep this post updated with more scanners and trackers to help you search, track, and catch all those Pokémon near you. So check back again later for the updates. And yes, don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook and help catch them all the 2nd gen Pokemon. 😉

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