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Last week

promotion and now someone has slipped us some new details. The customer appreciation program is undergoing a limited preview and more customers are being let in.

Several readers reported they did not receive invitation emails, but they still gained access by logging into their account online. If you are a T-Mobile customer visit

to see if you have an opt in link waiting for you.

We originally reported the program might launch to all customers this month, but now the expected rollout is “later this year”.

So what types of perks are being offered right now? None. Unless you count taking quizzes as a reward.

It looks like T-Mobile is still deciding which perks might be offered because those with access to the preview said they were asked to rate their five favorite perks from the following list:

Please note these are not actual perks, but ones that are being considered. Some things like early handset upgrade eligibility might appeal to Android users who are looking for a 2nd gen phone.

Which perks look the most appealing to you?

The My T-Mobile Perks greeting:

To thank you for all you do, we’re previewing the new My T-Mobile Perks program. Designed to help you get the most out of your experience with us, this program gives you the power to decide how you’re recognized by letting you choose the perks you receive.

With My T-Mobile Perks, there’s nothing you need to do other than sign up. Membership is free and My T-Mobile Perks starts benefiting members right away.

There are Always-On Membership Perks–a gift on your birthday, another on your anniversary with T-Mobile, plus special Stick Together Days when you get free calling and messaging.

And, because sticking together is important to us, the longer you’re a My T-Mobile Perks member, the better your benefits get. Every year you stick with us, you get all the previous year’s Always-On Membership Perks, plus more. And the next year? Even more.

There are also GiveBack Bonus Perks, where you’re rewarded each time you add services or products to your account.

My T-Mobile Perks is now in a preview state as we iron out the wrinkles and strive to make it the best experience possible for you. To this end, your feedback is very important. We’re listening to everything you say–and you’re helping to shape the program from the ground up.

This isn’t your everyday customer appreciation program–and you’re not an everyday customer.

My T-Mobile Perks preview.

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