Instagram for Android Coming Soon

Instagram for Android Coming Soon


Instagram which was previously available in Apple devices will soon come in other operating systems like Android. Wednesday (1/12/2011) in LeWeb Conference in Paris, Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom confirmed that Instagram for android devices will be available.

“The next Instagram will be from Android apps, which has the biggest market segment of smartphones in the world recently. Android can increase Instagram popularity and enlarge our coverage. Systrom explained”

As we know, Instagram is a service of photo modification which has currently been installed in such Apple iOS devices as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Instagram has delegated two of their internal developers to accomplish this Android app project. Though He didn’t announce clearly the release day, Systrom stated that this Android Instagram would be released soon.

Systrom also explained about Instagram plan to include advertisement content into this app. Such brands as Audi, Burberry, and Kate Spade are the big brands to target.

He explained that the advertisement concept would enable the advertisers to modify and share their brands’ photo in Instagram so that such photo can be viewed by other Instagram users. “I think advertisement experience will more very interesting. Obviously, we do make a business to earn money”, added Systrom.

Instagram grows excessively among the Apple iOS device users since it is supported by the camera quality produced by Apple in its devices, particularly after the release of Apple 4.

Then, with the release of the next , Android phone users can perform what has currently done by Apple users.

Android will certainly greet Instagram. But, the latest rumor stated that Windows Phone would make use of this app first.

Instagram has surely achieved a great success as the best app in iPhone. However, in term of its availability in Android operating system (OS), Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom stated that an Android app always became a priority. But, with the spread of such rumor, WP7 users will likely get this most-awaited app first.

A source said to Fast Company about what is likely to happen, “A source has recently implied that WP team has probably worked with Instagram team”, explained that site, as issued by Digital Trends, Friday (3/2/2012).

On the other hand, Systrom doesn’t approve or deny such spread rumor. “Except for Android announcement, we don’t comment on our roadmap,” Systrim defended.

WP7 is currently building its momentum. But, the platform is now trying to struggle with the app when compared with Android or iOS. Thus, when it obtains Instagram sooner than the rival, this will become a great “coup d’etat” for this Microsoft-produced operating system.

In addition, it may also be a signal for other developers who are waiting to play and see the play of WP7. The costumers don’t usually leave their mobile operating system as long as they cannot get apps they have and Instagram is one of the apps with a loyal users. Thus, this rumor will probably make Android quite “sweaty.”


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