Using N64oid apk to Play Nintento 64 on Android Device

Using N64oid apk to Play Nintento 64 on Android Device


N64oid Apk is an emulator to play Nintendo 64 games on Android. Marketed since early 2011, these Android apps may be less popular when compared with other emulators, like a Gameboy advance or super Nintendo. But, the latest update of apk N64oid, version 2.4, has features that make these apps are worth downloading to your android gadget.

The new feature of N64oid apk is a Bluetooth connection to many controllers, meaning you can play super Mario 64 games with your friends. Besides, with the latest version of N64oid, you can play using two controllers connected with Blue tooth games. You can also display games on a TV screen via TV out connection on your android device.

Below is a video example. Two controllers from Phonejoy is connected with Samsung Galaxy SII via Blue tooth, and the phone is connected with TV using cable TV Out connection. Through this way, you already have a Nintendo 64 in your home.

Video show how N64oid apk applied in Samsung Galaxy SII using controller and connected to Television.

In addition to using the standard controller, you can use Wii-mote/Nunchuck to play games on this android emulator.

Nintendo 64 is now no longer produced, but you certainly remember that the N64 is the only console that could emulate Playstation games at that time. Many gamers were also fond of the game on the N64 games, like Zelda and Super Mario Bros. The presence of N64oid became the entertainment for the gamers in itself. Moreover, it could be bought easily and inexpensively.

If you are interested to download N64droid, you can look for it in the android market or directly visit its website developer with the price of $4.99

It is important to note, n64oid apk version 2.4 is able to run the game well, completely with sound produced. N64oid therefore requires high-end Android devices, i.e. with CPU ARMv7. So, it will not be able to run smoothly n64oid android on low end devices.

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