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/ IObit Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 ” Review

IObit Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 ” Review

IObit, the world leading system utility software provider recently released their new Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus, Actually in past they have included an antivirus engine in to Advanced SystemCare but it was not a full-fledged one. Then after sometime they had released IObit malware fighter which provides you with comprehensive protection against malware and suspicious files. But now they’ve released a full-fledged antivirus solution(powered by world #1 BitDefender antivirus engine) included in ASC to its users and we are about to go on a tour on this new Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus.

We’ve tested this antivirus software for 3 full days on various virus samples(including traditional EICAR test) and in various situations like while enabling and disabling real-time protection, on infected USB drives etc.., and have to say that it is really awesome in detecting the virus, malware, suspicious files and also gives you protection against online intruders.

If you want to test/use Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus then you can download and install it along side with your current antivirus software in compatibility mode and their would be no problem, but it is recommended to remove the current antivirus software before installing ASC with Antivirus to protect you in realtime.

ASC with Antivirus ” UI

General Settings ” Contains general settings towards the antivirus engine.

Scan Settings ” Here you can tell ASC antivirus to how to scan or how deep it should scan etc..,

Quarantine ” Contains a backup of removed files or threats.

Log ” Creates a log when ever an action is taken by ASC antivirus.

Protect ” Real time protection settings and low, medium igh level protection settings, whitelist etc..,

Silent Mode ” Silently protects your pc without any notifications and the protection level will be adjusted automatically to low-level, by this you will have a peace of mind at work.

As i said before, when we ran the test scan on some virus samples( 3500+ objects) ASC antivirus scored 97% detection rate and it effectively quarantined those files. ASC antivirus will also keep an eye on your USB ports and will show you a pop-up message inviting you to scan when ever you connect any USB drive.

Even though IObit ASC with Antivirus is a new product, IObit had a great experience as they are already in the market with their anti malware fighter and their smaller antivirus engines which were included in ASC. Anyway, what we say is IObit ASC with antivirus can provide you with comprehensive antivirus solution which comes with in your budget line.


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