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Bushnell Yardage Pro Pinseeker 1500 Laser Rangefinder Tournament Edition

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The Bushnell Yardage Pro Pinseeker 1500 is accurate to +/- 1 yard from 5 to 1,500 yards away and ranges directly to the flag, not the objects behind it. With two selective targeting modes, you’ll get the shot you’re looking for every time. No more worries, hazards or mulligans. USGA approved!

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Dialed in!!, By Golf Addict (Santa Monica, CA United States)

I think this optical instrument should be mandatory on all golf courses. Just as iPods have obviated CDs, this device will completely obviate the need for yardages on sprinkler heads and the like. Here’s my normal round without the Bushnell Pinseeker: I drive out in the fairway — hopefully — and then have to find a sprinkler head. From there I have to pace it off to my ball. I get a yardage, but that’s to the center of the green. At my home course I go to a pin sheet which has a crude outline of the green with four numbers on the green — back left, back right, front left, front center. Now, assuming we’re playing the back left number, I have to do some speculative math to determine how far back left the pin is, add that to the yardage … you get the picture. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! The Bushnell zeroes in on the flag and gives me an exact-to-the-pin yardage every time. DO NOT get the cheaper versions as the optics are not good and it’s almost impossible to lock in on the flag — you will be terribly disappointed if you get the under $200 one. And the one that factors in slope is not USGA legal. I just finished a round at famous Riviera C.C. I had a caddy. He was calculating yardages for both me and my partner and he was amazingly accurate, but the time he wasted pacing off yardages from sprinkler heads … and whenever someone hit it right or left in the Eucalyptuses he relied heavily on my Bushnell for the yardages. And he was not spot-on with his distances. This has been by far the best new thing I have put in my bag. It’s a little pricey but then no one thinks about spending $400 for that new driver that does nothing to improve their swing. One thing the Bushnell has done is to really refine my iron distances. I’m a single digit handicap and this beautiful little instrument has just been a fantastic addition. I don’t work for the company and I think their cheaper products are garbage. But this little guy is a beaut.

Pinseeker 1500-Awesome-Worth the extra money!, By golf hacker, By Golf Addict (United States)

Surprised my husband with the Pinseeker 1500 for Christmas, we “BOTH” love it!! It is soooo “user friendly” and best of all “visually” user friendly! GREAT for the visually impaired over age “40” group who depend on the “Walgreen’s” reading glasses! No need for glasses or lenghty instruction books-just aim at the flag and click the button-shows two distances. The actual distance and the distance it should play because of the slope!! Having the SLOPE FINDER is the most important aspect-this is what gives you the ACCURATE yardage. The “slope” differance” is what normally what makes the difference of which club to use.Many of the cheaper models do not allow for the slope-so what good is that, there’s plenty yard markers on a course? It was fun to see what the course yardage markers read and then what the scope finder tells you. Makes your club selection so much more accurate! It’s price is on the higher side, but for the quality, it’s WELL worth it. My husband had tried a friends cheaper version, he actually could not use it because it was so hard visually to read. Before you buy one, be sure to check that out! Word of warning, your golfing partners will love to be in your golf group, asking you the yardage on “their” shots too!!

As another viewer mentioned-it’s the best club in the bag, we HIGHLY reccomend it!!! Now….if it could only make the ball actually go to that exact spot, we’d all be happy golfers!!!

Great Game Improvement and Easy to Use, By CardBord (Rochester, MN)

The Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Rangefinder (non-slope model) is easy to use and constructed for the elements. After using the Pinseeker for a few rounds I quickly learned how to focus and acquire the desired target in a matter of seconds. As I walk up to my ball I pull out the rangefinder, acquire the target, put it back in the case and hit the shot without adding more then 10 seconds to my preshot routine. This rangefinder is most definately a game improvement device and has helped me to select the right club, and in many cases made me aware that I needed to change clubs.

In my opinion it is better then the GPS devices whereas you must have a course loaded or manually enter the course info beforehand. If you ride in a golf car with GPS and are subject to cart path only, then the point where your ball lies will only be an estimate of the actual yardage. The Pinseeker can go to any course in the world and be used immediately on any part of the course.

If you are looking for a device that will help with club selection and game imporvement, then I would highly recommend the Pinseeker 1500.

A substantial improvement over earlier iterations of this same product, By Jan (USA)

This is a beautifully constructed laser instrument for accurately measuring your distance to the pin or to any obstacle on the course. It works significantly better than the older version of this same product locking in much quicker plus it can find the flag MUCH easier.

My dad and I both use this when we are playing golf and find it to be completely reliable. You will also find additional uses for your Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinder. I use my for sighting in my rifle and for all sorts of other things.

One small downside. You do have to drag it out and sight in every time you need a measurement and that does get a bit tiresome. The GPS units that are on some golf carts on some courses are VERY convenient but do not give precise yardage to the pin and other objects.

I heartily recommend this product! It delivers exactly as promised.

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