What is a Keyword Tool? – Plus Jaaxy Review

To answer the question of What is a Keyword Tool? It is necessary first to discuss what benefits you will gain from understanding how to use keywords and the tools correctly.

I should imagine that you are also wondering about Jaaxy? In the title. Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword research tool that I have come across with a lot more features than any other products. I will be reviewing this item within this article and not leaving you in suspense.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Keywords are used every day by people looking for things on the internet. They are the words or phrases that are put into a search engine to locate what the individual wants to find. As a website developer, it is important to know what keywords and phrases people are looking for within the niche that you have chosen.

It is, therefore, critical to your online business to understand how to find low competition keywords. Searching for this information can be done at zero to little cost depending on what avenue you take for promoting your business.

Finding the right keyword is what allows your posts, pages, reviews and articles to show in position one and page one of the search engines. Getting this part right will ensure that you have the best chance of receiving the biggest slice of your targeted audience visiting your site first.

So, it is unimportant about the size of the niche you have chosen, what matters is how you generate visitors to your site.

Without visitors, you do not have a business and without customers you cannot earn revenue.

I would suggest that initially you spend zero on this particular area until you are more familiar with how it all works. It is also important that your site be developed beyond a couple of posts, pages and articles before you start thinking about spending your hard earned savings on other promotional avenues.

Keyword Tools

Understanding and using a keyword tool can make life easier when it comes to finding the right keywords. There are many FREE tools available online, and search engines also provide keyword planners and suggestion tools for this job. To know more about these follow this link to Wikipedia.

Just be warned that not all tools are the same, and not many provide you with 100% accurate information.

jaxxy keyword tool review

Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy is the most powerful and comprehensive research/keyword tool that I have come across. In my opinion, it is a program that is essential for developing, running and maintaining a fruitful and profitable online business.

Product Name: Jaaxy
Website URL: http://www.jaaxy.com/
Price: FREE for 30 Searches, Pro $19 monthly, Enterprise $499 yearly
Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
Overall Ranking: 100/100

As mentioned earlier Jaaxy is a tool, which can be used to find the best keywords and phrases so that you rank above your competition in the search engines. There is a whole host of other facilities attached to this program that also allows you to:

  • Find the right niche
  • At a glance see how well your site is performing in the search engines
  • Purchase domain names
  • Presort the columns for easier understanding of the search results
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Find Affiliate programs for the products you are researching
  • Used on any device
  • Access Jaaxy anywhere in the world with WiFi connection

There are many more features and you can read about these in Jaaxy – The features.


Jaaxy may seem complex at first glance but once you understand the parameters, it becomes a very easy and quick tool to use. With all the other added features, another program is not needed as everything is in one neat package.


You only get 30 FREE searches initially to try out the program and then you will need to pay a monthly fee to continue using it.

jaxxy review

Product Review

As mentioned the program is initially FREE to try. If you Find that Jaaxy is as good as this review suggests, then you can join the membership program. A reasonable monthly fee of $49 per month is charged, for as long as you remain a member. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

It is not possible to go through everything that Jaaxy can do in this article, so for now I will just discuss carrying out a keyword search.

Working Through the Columns


Different phrases were found, which I could use as a niche idea or as a title for a post, page or article. However, before just taking any phrase from the list factors from the other columns need to be taken into consideration. Understanding the figures is very important when it comes to having your site listed in the top positions within the search engines.

AVG – Average searches generated

Looking at the first line of the results there are on average 160 searches generated for that exact phrase each month.


Still working with the first search result there are 28 potential visitors who would visit your site if you rank on the first page and first position of the search engines.

QSR – Quoted search results

Competition who are using the same key phrase to generate traffic to their site come under this category. On the first result, it shows a figure of 291 using that key phrase.

You want the QSR figure to be less than 200 as it makes it easier to get the highest ranks in the search engines.

KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator

KQI is a no-brainer in deciding whether to use a search term or not.

  • Red – Too much competition for that result – Don’t use
  • Yellow – Ok but you could do better – look harder
  • Green – Go for it – Low competition – Higher search engine results

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The higher the score, the better your chances of hitting the golden position in the search engines. 100% is awesome, whereas 3% I would leave that one alone.


Shows the domain name extensions that are available for each result.


A list of relevant alternatives that are similar to your initial or targeted keyword or phrase search.


Helps you to come up with some more ideas if you are struggling to think of how to phrase your search. Also helpful with deciding on a niche idea.

Putting it All Together

Working on the scenario that I want to start a business in helping people to make residual income online and I want also to write an article on the subject.

I would call my company ‘How to Make Residual Income Online’ for the following reasons:

  • The phrase makes sense
  • People are looking for this type of help online – Even though this is unimportant at this point. You will learn more about this later.
  • It automatically brands the site as a place to learn about Residual Income

My first article would be on Earn Residual Income online. The reasons:

  • It has an average search of 121 per month – Good amount of searches
  • 21 visitors will come to my site each month if I rank high in the search engines – Small number but it is a start
  • 180 Competition – Below 200 so I have a good chance of being in position 1 page 1 depending on the quality of my article
  • I have a green light to go
  • A figure of 88 in the SEO. (My rule of thumb is closer to 100 but not below 80).

Who is Jaaxy For?

Anyone who is serious about running a successful online business.

Try it for yourself for FREE


Support is received from the Owners and from an amazing community of like-minded people at Wealthy Affiliate.


The table below shows the prices associated with this program. I suggest that initially the free trial of 30 searches is tested. Once you find out for yourself how brilliant and useful this program is, then upgrade to Pro membership at $19 per month.

The Enterprise package is intended for heavy users who require all features to be automated, need greater speed for completing tasks and need the facility to see everything at a glance. The price for this package is $49 for the monthly membership. $499 yearly which gives a discount of $89 per year. This breaks down to a monthly amount of $41. Basically, for just over $1 a day you can use Jaaxy for a whole year.


Keyword tools are an essential part of running a successful online business and the Jaaxy tool provides a lot more than just a keyword or phrase search facility.

Reminder of Jaaxy Details

Product Name: Jaaxy
Website URL: http://www.jaaxy.com/
Price: FREE for 30 Searches, Pro $19 monthly, Enterprise $499 yearly
Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
Overall Ranking: 100/100

My Final Opinion About Jaaxy

jaxxy keyword tool

I hope you found this article review helpful. If you have any thoughts or questions on the subject, please leave them below. Your comments are important and I will reply to all.

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