LG KU990 ‘Viewty’ Review

LG KU990 Specs:

The LG KU990, also known as the ‘LG VIEWTY’, is a touch screen phone. The phone is not a massive phone but it’s not quite one of those little phones with a 3 cm screen! The official dimensions are 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 mm. It weighs in at around 112 g. It has a really nice big screen coming in at 240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches as it is all touch sensitive.

The Viewty has 3G, Bluetooth and a USB connection. The phone comes with an LG PC suite application to put videos, music and pictures onto the phone. The software is not very good and windows explorer will get the job done perfectly! That is only if you have a memory card.

lg ku990 review
The Viewty comes with a 5 Megapixel camera, with max 2592?1944 pixels, autofocus, video (VGA 30fps, QVGA up to 120fps), strobe flash, secondary VGA camera for video call. That secondary camera really is a waste of time and money as S.A. has never really been into the whole ‘Video Call’ thing!

The Touch screen is a really nice touch (no pun intended) to the phone. The phone has a setting that enables the phone to vibrate every time you touch the screen giving it that feel of a keypad.

The phone has a audio player on it. The sound quality from the external speaker is not great but it will do if you are in a quiet room by yourself. The phone has a converter, calculator and similar things that are quite handy from time to time.


The camera on this phone is really phenomenal. The 5 megapixel camera produces professional like quality. The video camera supports up to 120 fps recording. Although the phone can only playback the videos at30fps, it is still a nice feature for when you put the videos on to your computer.
The secondary VGA camera is really bad. The phone has software on it that allows you to edit your photos on the phone. You can add borders, text, icon and little emoticons. You can also draw on the photo with either you finger or the stylus dongle that comes with the phone.


I first installed Mxit on this phone and it installed and ran perfectly. The application had no problems what so ever and it was all hassle free. I installed Opera Mini on this phone and once again it was all hassle free. The browsing was quick with the 3G connection as it downloaded extremely fast.
I also installed some 3rd party games onto the phone which although they worked perfectly, it is quite hard to play some of them as they require a number pad which is given but in a weird format. It seems as if 3rd party software runs smoothly on this phone.


You would think that a touch screen phone with vibration enabled would eat away your battery. But that’s wrong. I use my phone mainly for making about 10-20 calls a day, Receiving and sending text messages throughout the day, scrolling the web on Opera Mini and jamming with some music and occasionally some games.
If I did this daily my battery would last up to 4 days. The phone charges extremely quickly. The battery is said to have about 6 Hours talk time and 430 hours on standby.


The LG KU990 Viewty really is an enjoyable experience. It is a mid-priced phone that has a great camera and is good for everyday use. It will keep you satisfied month after month. The touch screen is great. The LG KU990 is the best touch screen phone out there for its price range.

Obviously if you want to spend R7500 on an iPhone it will probably be a better deal, but for most that’s too expensive. The screen can be scratched easily so it is advised to put some type of protection on.


1) Great touch Screen.
2) Very good camera and video camera.
3) Decant battery life
4) Visually attractive
5) Mid-priced
6) Great user interface


1) Screen scratches easily
2) Bad sound quality
3) No camera protection

Battery 6/10
User friendliness: 8/10
Sound quality: 4/10
Physical Attributes: 9/10



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