Make thousands Of Dollars Using Easy Corporate Money Programme

I think, for those of you who have come across this manual you can see the big value of it. so here we peak it up.So what we need is a way of using leverage to accumulate that sort of money so it can be used to live on for life and even look after your kids and grand kids when you are gone. This type of money is very useful and $2 million dollars put in a bank at 7% interest, you can easily live on. It would total $140,000 a year or nearly $3000 a week.

Anybody can comfortably live on that money and you have the $2 million in case of a rainy day on top of that. A remarkably comfortable situation to be in! So the way to get this money is to use some form of leverage. In our case we are using time leverage. We have in this investment method, time leverage as a component because the income lasts for over 2 to 5 years or more (in fact I cannot say decades..because I have not been making money online for over a decade, but these legs of income I created way back in 2005 are still today strong as ever).

That is long enough to quickly build up a massive income stream that can be saved and ultimately used to live on from bank interest. This investment peaks immediately which means you get your investment capital back quickly, then tapers off to a baseline that you can add to and build on. This is important, the fact that it peaks immediately means you can retrieve your $500 dollar investment or $1000 or even $5000 dollar investment within a week to three weeks and re-use it. So the income keeps coming in… way after you have already retrieved your initial investment and in this way it can be added to.

What this means is that if you start with $1000 dollars this week, in the next few weeks you have already got that $1000 dollars back to be re-used. However, every week that you re-use the investment at the same level, you keep adding to that baseline. That means over time, you have actually made this long term passive income stream from money out of thin air. This is a remarkable feat and you are about to see how this is done. You are re-using that same thousand dollars every week, but the baseline keeps building and adding every week that you invest.

That means soon you will be earning $5000 dollars a week and still have that original $1000 still in your pocket. You cannot find anything better than this and if you pay attention to the lever points of the system as discussed in the following pages, you cannot fail.

Even if you tried to fail you couldn’t fail. The System It is no surprise on the internet, that what the internet is made up of most is pages of writing. This creative work is provided by people that have discovered a way to make money from the pages. The writing has to be original work and not copied and pasted from elsewhere, that is a big thing.

Often the work does not have to be of a remarkable standard, but it does have to be original and fairly free from grammar and spelling mistakes. What we do, is buy this creative work from writers that are willing to sell us the work for 10 or 30 cents in the dollar.

Specifically, the page of writing they may be willing to do for $3 dollars per 280 words and because we pay them upfront, they are happy with that money. But to us, this short page of writing that was freshly written and original, is worth much more over the long term. To be continued next time…

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