How to Make A USB Drive Faster

Do you feel that your USB drive is slow in reading or writing data? Then this post is for you.

Hello Readers, today I will be guiding you to make your USB drive work noticeable faster than ever before. However, this technique will work only for windows user.


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The common misconception among users is that USB drive/ Pen Drive works slow due to the large amount of data stored in it. But that is totally a wrong concept.


Your USB drive is slow because it’s default file system is FAT or it’s relative FAT32 & exFAT. Manufacturers make USB drive of these types of file system so that you can use it on multiple platforms like MAC, Music Player, Mobile Phone, etc.

But there is an another file system made for windows only called NTFS  which is much faster that the default file system (FAT, FAT32, exFAT) of your drive.

Changing the file system of your USB drive is very easy and with few clicks you can make your USB drive read and write data faster than before.

Just follow these steps:

Attention: Make sure to backup your drive’s data at a different location before following these steps.

Step 1:

Insert your drive in a windows operated system.

Step 2:

Open My Computer/ This PC and right click on your USB drive.

Step 3:

Click on Format

Step 4:

Now change the file system to NTFS and click Start.

Congrats, now your drive is faster than ever before. (I told you that will be very easy)

Although as I told, you will not be able to use it on any other operating system  and devices like MAC, Music Players, etc. except Windows operated systems. And if you wish to use it on any other type of device than you can revert it back to it’s default file system by changing it again in the same way.

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