Mozy to Power eYun Online Backups in China

Mozy to Power eYun Online Backups in China


China Telecom Co. and Decho Corporation, an EMC Company, announced a strategic partnership to deliver cloud-based services in China. The partnership’s first offering is the

service, which is a Chinese-branded version of the popular .

eYun, (“e-Cloud” in Chinese) is a Chinese online backup service. Partnering with Chine Telecom brings Decho’s Mozy service to the majority of Internet users in China.

15,000 users have successfully completed a trial, and the service is now being offered to all.

Harel Kodesh, CEO of Decho Corp, says,

China is now the largest Internet market in the world. We’re delighted to partner with China Telecom, the largest broadband provider in China, to deliver a world-class online backup service to the Chinese market through eYun.

While I can’t read Chinese, I’m guessing from

that they offer a

() and have paid plans for 10GB and 300GB plans.

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