How to Track Losing Android Phones

How to Track Losing Android Phones How to Track Losing Android Phones

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Is your android losing? Or perhaps, you forget where you put your android? You have been looking over all the places where you may have put your android, but you have not still found it? It is possible your android is left in your office, restaurant, or gym place?

Do you know that you can track the last location of your android? Below are the steps;

1. Open via a laptop or a computer

2. Log in using the same Google account as you use in your android phone

3. All you have to do is install Plan B application, made from Lookout Mobile Security. Search in android market from your computer and laptop. Download then install. This command will make your android automatically install the apps.

4. After you have finished the steps, open your email account. Android apps you have installed will send the last location data and a map (Google maps) to your email.

5. Now, you can identify the location of your phone. When the location is still unchanged, your phone is then left somewhere.

That’s the simple way to recognize the last location of your losing android. Hopefully, you can find your android.


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