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December 16th, 2008 by Xof

Jeff C is a lucky bastard! He got to play with not one but at least two D3X ha! I checked the Exif data and these photos are legit, they do come from a Nikon D3X mounted with a AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8D IF-ED.

The images range from 50 to 3200 and it seems the D3x is doing real fine up to 1600, but I am also surprised by the 3200 and 6400 ISO images.

Jeff is giving us

along with the !! BIG thanks man!!

“Jeff-c has been too kind to provide us some Nikon D3X image samples at full size from Iso 50 to 3200. Click thumbnails for full-size image.

The Nikon D3X produces sharp and low image noise up to Iso 800. At Iso 1600 the noise is slightly higher, but it still retains subtle detail. At Iso 3200 the noise is more noticeable with some loss of detail, similar to Nikon D300 high Iso performance and I’d say a little better. You can judge by yourself the D3X IQ on the samples below.”

You can literally see every pore on the models skin at ISO 1600, not bad at all!

The only problem is that Jeff is an amateur photographer… The light setup is poor and this doesn’t really reveal the D3X’s true potential. Still better than nothing right?!

“The lighting was horrible. The lights they used seem to be the Sodium High Pressure Light type which change color and intensitity along with the AC frequency. I realize this when looking at the higher ISO pictures where the light from the left side of the model was showing yellow tint.”

Anyway, check out the shadow under the hands of model holding the camera, and the fine details of the cloth.

The other problem I can notice is the contrast… This, once again could be due to the photographer’s settings but it’s a known problem : smaller pixels in a bigger sensor deliver more noise which manufacturers tend to fight but increasing the contrast.

Simply put, a large pixel can collect more photons and emit more electrons than a small pixel. The positive effect is better noise control, cleaner shadow details and more dynamic range. Advantage for the larger sensor with large pixels… The D3X is cramming twice as much pixels on the same sensor size as the D3.

In digital photography, in contrast to film, separation of the colors of light and the actual sensing occur in different points of the sensor and at significant distances from each other. In CMOS image sensors, incoming photons go through color filters, then through glass layers supporting the l interconnect layers, and then into silicon, where they are absorbed, exciting electrons that then travel to photodiode structures to be stored as signal.

Along the way, the photons and electrons have many opportunities to be diverted and end up at the wrong photodiodes, contributing to the wrong color signal. More technical lingo about all this

I bet the D300  could do better if it had a 20 MP sensor.

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