OnePlus One common problems users have and their fixes.

OnePlus One common problems users have and their fixes.


OnePlus One common problems and their fixes: OnePlus One was recently launched in India although only for a short time period but still my friend got One for him. Device was amazing and of course Cyanogemod is best alternative of android. But still it has many glitches. After using device for 1 month users can face problems regarding hardware as well software part. So in this post I have summed up OnePlus One common problems users have and their fixes. Take a look:

OnePlus One common problems that you can face:

Batter y drain very quickly

OnePlus One reboots automatically

Tiuch screen issues

Signal drops or connection issues

Problem connecting to Wi-Fi

Yellow tint on touch screen

Charging is very slow

Well above mentioned list is too long but dont get anxious these are common problems and you will not face all of them

Just look at common fixes for the above problems

OnePlus One common problems users have and their fixes:

Problem: battery drain very quickly in OnePlus One. Inspite of having 3100mah battery many users have complained that Their OnePlus Ones battery wont last longer. Well this issue is not limited to OnePlus One only. Battery drain is most common problem faced by smart phone users. So if you are one of them then hopefully solutions given below will help you out.

Solution to fix battery drain in OnePlus One

These solutions will definitely improve battery life of your OnePlus One. Also you can apply these solutions to other smartphones also.

I hope these methods will reduce fast battery drain in your OnePlus One

Problem: OnePlus One reboots automatically. Automatic rebooting of OnePlus One is also very common. Whether you are using or device or placed idle phone gets restarted automatically. Well this problem could be due to any software issues or app problem. But dont worry we have got some best workarounds to fix random reboots in OnePlus One.

Fix automatic restarting in OnePlus One.

If problem still continues then opt for replacement or visit nearest service centre.

Problem: touch screen issues with OnePlus One. Users are facing touch screen issues like touch screen not responding, Pinch to zoom not work sometimes, Double taps not recognizable etc. So if you are one of them read some possible solutions to solve touch screens issues in OnePlus One.

Fix to touch screen problems in OnePlus One. Well after recent updates touch screen problems has been reduced drastically. So I advised you to update to latest firmware available.

Hope these methods will help you out

Problem: signal drops frequently or connection not established properly. Well this issue can be due to carrier problems or devices issues. So you must try to troubleshoot for both the ways.

Fix signal or call dropping problem in OnePlus One:

Problem connecting to Wi-Fi: If you are unable to connect or getting poor signal strength in your OnePlus One then follow the possible solutions given below.

Fix Wi-Fi connection failure or poor signal strength in OnePlus One.

Problem: yellow tint on touch screen. Yellow tint present on touch screen is not a common issue. Most of the times this yellow tint is not even observable but sometimes it could cover up entire screen. This issue could be due to touch screen problem or pixel irregularities.

Fix yellow tint on bottom of screen in OnePlus One:

Problem: OnePlus One charged very slowly or not charging. Many users are complaining that OnePlus gets charge very slowly and sometimes it wont charge. Read some possible solutions to these problems

Fix OnePlus One slow charging issues:

Well thats all folks; I have tried to cover up all possible OnePlus One common problems that you can face. I hope these solutions will help you.

But if you still feel any problem feel free to ask in the comment box below. Also dont forget to Subscribe us for more interesting posts on OnePlus One.

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