Ppsspp Black Screen Fix in Android | Ppsspp Gold version

Ppsspp Black Screen Fix in Android | Ppsspp Gold version

Fix ppsspp black screen in Android: Ppsspp is the best psp emulator available for Android, ios as well for Windows operating systems. I also recommend this emulator to gaming fans if they really want to enjoy some high end games in the smartphones. Yes, you can play many games like Shin Budokai 2, FIFA, God of War etc. But there are number of Android smartphones available in market and many times ppsspp shows compatibility issues with different Android smartphones making companies. One of the most common issue is sudden appearance of black screen when you try to run any game. So in this post I have tried to give some fixes to Ppsspp black screen fix in Android smartphones and tablets.

Here are some mails that I got from my subscribers regarding black screen problem error in ppsspp psp emulator. Please check out if you are one of them

Whenever I run a game in psp emulator in my Android Xperia Z it shows black screen

Games not running in ppsspp gold, showing black screen

Black screen appears at time of game-play in ppsspp gold edition in my Samsung Galaxy.

Ppsspp black screen fix in Android phones and tablets:

Read the steps given below. They will help you to fix ppsspp black screen problem in Android. Fixes remains same for both free as well paid go version of ppsspp psp emulator.

Method 1 for ppsspp black screen fix in Android: Check if any latest version of ppsspp or ppsspp gold is available for your Android device. If so then update your ppsspp app.

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