Pakistan Visa Free Entry Countries List Updated 2018

First of all we Welcome to you on the website, today we’ll have a look of Pakistan Visa free Countries list. Read till the end also know that Pakistani Passport holder can stay in these countries for how much long. This list article and list of Pakistan visa free countries are updated in the start of 2018. In this first table are the list of those countries where Pakistani Passport holders can visit without visa, it mean you have no need any visa to stay in these countries. Just buy a ticket, travel and enjoy. Let’s have little look

Visa Not Required for these Countries

Sr. No.Country NameDuration and Other Notes
01. Micronesia30 days
02. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1 month
03. Trinidad and Tobago30 days
04. Vanuatu30 days
05. Dominica6 months
06. Haiti3 months
07.Micronesia30 days

The above list have seven number of Pakistan visa free countries. It mean you have no need any visa to travel these countries. Now in second table are those countries which are issue the visa on arrival. It mean you also no need visa before traveling, when you reach to these countries airport’s the airport authority issue the visa at that time. It takes no much time, we can also say that these are also like visa free.

These Countries issue the Visa on Arrival

08.Samoa60 days
09.Seychelles3 months
11.Madagascar90 days
12.Maldives30 days
13.MauritaniaAvailable at Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport.
14.Mozambique30 days
16.Palau 30 days
17.QatarMust have Valid Passport up to 6 months, 5000 QAR or Valid credit Card, Return tickets and Certificate of Vaccination of Polio.30 Days. You may also apply it online Under the above Condition.
19.Togo7 days
20.Tuvalu1 month
21.Cape Verde
22.Comoros45 days
24.East Timor30 days
25.Guinea-Bissau90 days

The above list of countries that issue the visa on arrival. Now the list of those countries where you get enter through Electronic Entry Travel mean you can get E-Visa online easily.

Electronic Entry Travel or e-Visa Countries for Pakistan

26.Antigua and Barbuda
27.Sri Lanka30 days; Visa on Arrival is issued provided the traveler has applied for the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) online prior to traveling and holds return or onward tickets.
28. Kyrgyzstan
30.Malaysia30 days
31.Myanmar28 days. e-Visa holders must arrive via Yangon, Nay PyiTaw or Mandalay airports
32.Azerbaijan30 days
33.Saint Kitts and Nevis
34.São Tomé and PríncipeVisa is obtained online
35.Bahrain14 days to 1 Year Multiple entry Visa. Visa is not required for holders of valid visa or residence permit issued by GCC countries.
36.TajikistanE-visa holders can enter through all border points.
40.GabonElectronic visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport.
41.Ivory Coast3 months. e-Visa holders must arrive via Port Bouet Airport.

Above Countries list where you can go through E-Visa. E-Visa or electronic visa issue are those countries where Pakistan National Passport holders can visit easily. But they need letter to enter to these countries, now below are three countries where Pakistan Passport holders can get e-visa and also can get it on arrival to these countries airports.

Both Ways E-Visa or Visa on Arrival Countries for Pakistan

42.Kenya3 Months.
43.Rawanda30 Days.
44.UgandaMay Apply Online.

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