The Best Pizza in Hoboken

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So there’s this pretty infamous Thrillist article that lists the best pizza in Hoboken, NJ. That takes some serious balls so we definitely commend them for their bravery. Too bad the entire town got up in arms about it since they left out some Hoboken institutions and selected their picks via darts on a dart board.

Now we’re not starting Broboken Pizza War anytime soon because we need to do some ample research before we start that fire, but we will put our own spin on Pizza Wars. We’re going to do Coffee in Hoboken too (just a heads up). A sample, if you will. This isn’t a classy list, but it’s our list darnit.

This is the best pizza in Hoboken – We list the top pizza places in Hoboken to go. Here we go.

#4 – Basile’s Pizza –

Basile’s gets the #4 spot because it’s the best pizza in Hoboken for the sorry saps that have to waddle back to the PATH train late at night because they don’t live here. The fact that they’re open and braving the cold dealing with night  time crazy people until 3am is incredibly amendable. Consider this your first medal from us Basile’s..

#3 – Benny Tudinos

You were expecting this to be first weren’t you? Come on, that would’ve been way too predictable. Benny’s has slices as big as the tumor that killed your pet for $3.50 which you can inhale in a matter of minutes. Given the right combination of, bad decisions, and weather this is a heavenly combination. Keep doing what you do Benny.

#2 – Leo’s – 

We love Leo’s so don’t come here covered in your own vomit or anything, but if you want pizza in Hoboken that will awaken your senses, have your eyes bulge out of your head, and then have you go “DAAAAAAAAARRN,” then go to Leo’s. It’s 2nd and Grand so you’ll actually have to get off of Washington St. I know – risky, right? Just do it. Go there. Live for the adventure. Step away from the light. Head to Leo’s.

#1 – Mario’s – 

Mario’s Pizza tops the list for a few reasons here. Grab some pizza and check out their Boardwalk Wheel behind the counter. I would’ve snapped a picture of it, but I’ll leave you in suspense to check it out. If this wasn’t enough they also have a $3 cannoli that is about as big as your arm. So to review here –  more pizza, and a cannoli.

And there you have it. These are the best pizza places in Hoboken when you’re feeling good and looking for a slice to settle in.

Don’t agree with the list? Good! That’s how we learn about cool new places. Got a pizza story for us? Comment Here! Catch ya later Hoboken.

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