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Photobook Worldwide

Selangor, MALAYSIA

Dedicated to preserving memories, Photobook Worldwide is a company that believes in the value of people and life through turning your best memories into exquisite handmade photo books.

Since its set up in late 2005, Photobook Worldwide has expanded its presence to currently 100 countries worldwide, and growing. By making it easy yet fun to preserve memories, users can download its bookmaking software, Photobook Designer which has many creative features. Alternatively, its recently-launched line up of ready-made book templates, Readybooks, offers a variety of different-themed book designs, making sharing your story easy, quick and fun. Both the Photobook Designer program and Readybooks are compatible with PC and Mac.

Embracing the value of people and life, Photobook Worldwide shares the passion of life’s great moments and allow users to treasure their memories into photo books to last a lifetime, in fun and beautiful ways.

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