Learn SAPUI5 Fiori & OData with real-time case studies

SE11  ABAP Data Dictionary

SE37  Function Builder , BAPI/RFC.

Gateway Architecture Overview & Usage

Technical Components Involved

Introduction to REST, OData

OData advantages

Structure of an OData Service

Service Document, Service Metadata Document

Transaction codes & Tools

EDM data types

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Toolset, Service Builder

Introduction to OData Service Creation

Behavior of  Various Runtime Classes

Behavior of Various Standard Methods

Entity Types

Entity Sets

Properties , Navigation Properties

Association ( Referential Constraints, Principal Entity, Dependent Entity )

Association Set( Principle Entity Set, Dependent Entity Set )


Mappings – Employee Lookup – Emp. No  – key field – input / output – READ


UPDATE – Change/modify – existing record

DELETE – delete a record

CRUD Operations

HTTP Status codes, Common Messages and Common Errors

Debugging OData ABAP Services

Model Provider Base/Class

Model Provider Class – Extension

Data Provider Base/Class

Data Provider Extension

Registration in Hub Systems ( ECC/CRM/SRM/SCM/BI )


Error log

Gateway Client

BAPI’s with Mapping ,  Database Views with Mapping

BAPI’s without Mapping




GetEntity ( Read ) –  one entry/field

GetEntitySet( Query ) – Call multiple fields

Single function import

Multiple function imports

Multiple parameters for function Import

Installation of SAPUI5 Plug-ins

Development Environment & Configuration Setup

Documentation Toolkit, API Reference & Help Links

Application Header, Paginator, Text Field, Text Area, Link To Action, Image, Image Map, Horizontal Divider, ListBox, Panel, Splitter, Checkbox,  Radiobutton, DropDown, HTML, Progress Indicator, Slider, Range Slider, Roadmap, TabStrip,  FormattedTextView , Dialog Box, Message Box, Date Picker, Date Range Scroller, Date Range Slider

Sample – Bar, Column, Line, Area, Pie, Donut chart etc. – One of these would be explained.


Types of Fiori Apps , Architecture




End-to-End scenarios in Fiori

Import & Export of SAP Fiori Apps

XML based Views

JS  based Controllers


Text, Text Area, Check Box, Switch,Slider, Rating Indicator, ProgressIndicator, Select, Radio button, Label, Button, Input,

Link, Image, DateTimeInput, DatePicker, Standard Tile, MessageToast, Panel, Carousel, IconTabBar, IconTabFilter

Forms , Layouts, Table, Table Column with Various Screen Elements.



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