Quitting Your Job Without Another One Lined Up for the Entrepreneur

Whenever we start something new we find it good. But with time it becomes boring and frustrating . All we need to know is the right time to quit. Yes, many of us fall into the rut of the daily office grind and it’s constantly on our mind about the what if’s? What if I could fulfill my passion? What if I could make money off doing something I love?And so entrepreneurs often wonder if they should quit their job without another job lined up.

Quitting your job to start a business where you are your own boss is not a light matter. Quitting your job to increase your income and live a better life is something many of us only dream about. Sometimes we want to quit a job, but we cannot answer the question why should I quit my job? Coming directly to the point, here are 9 reasons for quitting your job without another job lined up.

quitting your job without another one

Your Opinion Value is ZERO

In ordinary jobs, your opinion are always put in the dustbin. Whenever you have an opinion or idea, your colleagues/boss always laugh on you and make fun of you in sarcastic manner. This makes you lose yourself respect and confidence you have in yourself to give your best shot. If this happens with you, it is the best time for you to quit your job and find a alternative for it. You live your life once and you need that self respect to give your best.

Your Job Has No More Growth

I used to work as a photographer and cover events like after work parties, office parties.etc. I used to cover 2-3 events every day with a strict schedule and never used to get time for myself. I was paid 30-40$ for covering a single event and eventually used to earn 3000$ every month but later or sooner I saw that there was no growth in work and I am never going to get a increment with money or explore new works.

Everyone wants to get promoted to the next level with their growth of experience. What if you are never promoted and stay on the position for your complete life. That becomes monotonous and everyone loves change so personal growth should always be kept in mind.

Moreover other than money, you are not gaining any knowledge.


Traveling is always fun, right? But traveling to the same place everyday creates boredom. If you have a 9-5 job and you have to travel everyday 20 miles (the research figure speaks that working Indians travel miles a day for office). You do not have time to live your personal life, family, recreational activities. Travelling a lot also leads to health hazards. May be you can look for work from home job which will give you ample time to spend with your family and on your own.

A work from home job always helps you in exploring new things, meeting new people and the most important you can spend time with your parents who always want your support in their old age.

Health Hazard

Health Is Wealth. You can create wealth later on, but once you lose your health you are left with nothing. There are many jobs where your health is at stake. A lot of tension and stress also affects your personal life in different ways.

Some of the job work environments are also hazardous for health :

  • Painting Works: Lungs problem
  • Computer Executive: Problem in back bone(Long sitting hours)
  • Coal Mine worker: Lungs Problem

No Appreciation, Only Depreciation

You are always up on your desk and fully dedicated to work, but you have never heard a single appreciation from your boss or your colleagues. A well-done, Thank you, excellent can always change your outcome. We should always be appreciated for the hard work we do.

You do not love what you do.

A person who loves to do a job always is a star performer in the corporation. He/she would never under-rated for her work. But a person who does not love the work will be always a burden on the corporation. These types of people are never loved by the corporation and you yourself start underrating and start living a disturbed life. Once you ever have this feeling the next thing I would suggest is to leave the job and go towards your passion.

One always wants to do the work he loves rather than being forced to do something.

Want to be your own boss:

Working in corporation means you are always bound to report under some one which clearly indicates that there is someone above you whatever heights you reach.

I remember one of an Indian blogger who used to work for a government organization and used to earn 300$ every month with a 9-5 job but he never wanted any one to rule over him. Soon after months he left his job and started blogging for a livelihood where he used to make no money, but after 2 years he is known as one of the most famous bloggers among Indian blogosphere.

Are you living a life you always wanted to?

Are you satisfied with your job profile? If you are not living the life you always wanted to then it is the correct time to quit your job and fly towards your dreams. May be you always wanted to live a lavish life but you are paid less then what you should be.

Mostly time is a factor for quitting the job under this category as it increases the stress level in our life and we are never able to spend time on ourselves which will initially lead you to nowhere.

No excitement for work

quitting a job without another one

Your excitement towards work has died. Now you do not feel like doing same things every day. You are following a time table where you are bound to do same work every day and you have no chances of gaining more knowledge from your work.

Every job needs some excitement, something adventurous and some challenging situations.

These types of problems are mostly faced by people who follow the same routine every day. Everyone does something to gain happiness but you work is now no more giving you a reason to work for. It is the correct time to quit your job and spend time on what you love to.

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