Which Phones do the World Leaders Use?

§Delhi is all prepared for Republic Day & visit of USA president Barack Obama.  These days all news channels are covering the security of Obama. Delhi is up to date in terms of all measurement of securities like special forces, CCTV cameras, special security gagdets & more. I wish some percentage of security would also provide in normal days so a common man feels safe. Well that’s my opinion back to topic in this off beat article we share The Smartphones on the World Leaders. Because Obama will be the guest of Republic Day in India lets start with him first.

Top 10 Leaders Choice Smartphones

#1 Barack Obama

obama blackberry phone
Barack Obama’s Blackberry

President of USA

Obama uses a Blackberry smartphone. According to the sources it costs about $3000. Now you can assume how many features are integrated in such a high budget smartphone. Obama’s Blackberry is one of the most secure smartphone’s in the world but you may be surprised to know that there is no WhatsApp & selfie camera in this smartphone. There are no games, and no texting features at all. To make this smartphone secure it comes with world class encryption system.

#2 Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

NaMo has a love for Apple gadgets. After winning the election he posted a selfie in a social networking site which was,  according to sources, clicked from an iPhone. He carries an iPad & laptop along with necessary items when he shifted to Delhi. However it is still unrevealed that what kind of special features have embedded in Modi’s gadgets.

#3 Hillary Clinton

Former US Senatorhilary clinton smartphone

When comes to gadgets, Hillary Clinton is very specific. She is always seen with a Blackberry smartphone. She loves clicking photos from the phone so that’s why she designed an official page in Tumblr.

#4 Vladimir Putin

President of Russia

Many times the Russian president claims that he doesn’t use phones because it leads to security threats but according to the Telegraph, Putin is using a Glonass 945 Android smartphone which is made by MTS.

#5 British Royal Family

The British Royal Family loves the iPhone. Last time Prince William was seen with an iPhone in the Summer Olympics 2013. Queen Elizabeth has given orders to her staff to buy iPads.

#6 Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister of Pakistan

According to the report of The Guardian Nawaz Sharif is using Blackberry smartphone. He always connected with his loved ones with Blackberry messanger. He also tracked while operating Apple & Samsung smartphones.

#7 David Cameron

Prime Minister of United Kingdom

David Cameron is also a big fan of Blackberry. Against many security protocols he never forgets to use his Blackberry smartphone. He recently agreed to use an encrypted phone.

#8 Kim Jong Un

Supreme Leader of North KoreaKim Jong Un

The smartphone used by Kim Jong Un is suspicious because it is not very clear which handset he uses but in the above photo most speculated that it is a HTC Butterfly. North Korea developed their own special Android handsets which are known as ‘Arirang’ which is legally authorized only to 10% of the population. That includes officers, their families, businessman etc. So there’s a high chance that he is one of them.

#9 Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

According to TheGuardian.com report Angela Merkel has two smartphones. One is  the Nokia 6260 and the other is the Blackberry Z1.

For office works she uses Nokia 6260 & for other works she uses Blackberry Z10.

#10 Francois Hollande

President of France

He is mostly seen with his iPhone 5. He uses his smartphone only for personal business.

Hope you like our Top 10 Leaders Choice Smartphones. After reading you would think that most of leaders choose Blackberry & Apple smartphone. Apple is very popular but Blackberry popularity graph is decreasing day by day. This is also a fact that Blackberry phones are more secure than Andorid & iOS devices . Now in the comments, tell us which smartphone you like the most?