Should You Study Mechanical Engineering?

I’m going to take you around University of Michigan’s campus and tell you what it’s like to be a mechanical engineer I’m a senior mechanical engineering student here at University of Michigan I’ve got one semester left and I know a lot of people a lot of kids who are in high school maybe younger or maybe even in college who want to change their majors are wondering is mechanical engineering the major to be in if you are super into cars I’m going to talk about that let’s get going out of my apartment and take a stroll up to North Campus some of you guys asked why I didn’t take the m5 to the car me it was European car meet obviously I wanted to take the m5 and not an s-class that car people in general don’t care as much about I would have taken it but it is still being the wheels are still being refinished the reason that’s taking a while is when they strip the paint off the front wheel the rear ones fine they realize that it was actually cracked so we got a new wheel coming in that’s going to be all fixed and I’m supposed to I guess I’m going to be posting this vlog on Thursday so the m5 should be done by the time you see this video so that’ll be nice I’ll be taking that out a little bit more no updates on the Lambo yet trust me I’m I’m really frustrated at this point it’s been about a month and I know no more information than I did when the incident happened this backup camera is freaking ridiculous as you can see there is an s-class behind me I don’t know if I’m going to make the turn probably not going to try while I’m filming also I really want to hardwire my radar detector I need to do that been a little lazy because it is plugged in here and it doesn’t look that great to have the ashtray exposed otherwise it looks like that which flows very nicely loving this blue but that’s alright it’s not the end of the world but it looked a little prettier if it was hardwired still freaking love is max 360 currently rocking a vehicle virgins t-shirt it’s all black on the front with the vehicle version logo and nothing on the back a lot of people said they didn’t want the word virgins written on their shirt to those people I kind of wish that I sent you a shirt that just didn’t have vehicle on it and it took the S on the end as a joke but if you want one of these seriously the coolest thing is walking down the street and seeing a random subscriber wearing a vehicle virgin shirt it’s only happened a few times but that for me makes this entire thing worth it beyond belief that people that you guys do care and you love watching our videos that is that is so cool so if you want one of these you want to support vehicle virgins there is a link in the description it’s the up at the description box go ahead and click that there’s different colors available black ones dark blue light blue here is essentially one of the only bad parts about going to Michigan other than it being a lot of work but that’s the deal at every mechanical engineering school the engineering campus is separate from the normal campus it is referred to as North Campus whereas all of the LSA students go to school on central campus so right now we’re on central campus and as I pull ahead you will see there is a large bus stop it’s referred to as CC little and it will become your friend sophomore year which was my first year here I actually transferred from a school called Tufts University I was choosing I didn’t apply to Michigan right out of high school I was choosing between going to UCLA for engineering and Tufts and why I made that decision who knows but Tufts was a smaller school I thought I could play golf at the same time varsity golf because I was really into that but it ended up being a good decision because I think I would have really liked UCLA and then I never would have ended up hating Tufts and then that resulted in me transferring here but anyway sophomore year I took the bus every day to North Campus the reason I lived on central campus instead of what some engineers do is they actually live on North Campus so they don’t have to commute as this was my philosophy school is not optional I’m really driven I like doing well for myself I’ve never had any pressure from my family to perform well in school I did that because it feels good to me to get good grades social life is in a way optional so I felt like this if I have to commute to get to the social life so if I had to live on North Campus so school was closed class was closed and then I had to commute and take a bus to get to social life I probably end up being a freakin recluse and stay in my damn dorm room the whole time instead I wanted to be close to the action close to friends I’m in a fraternity I wanted to be close to that and then I am going to go to school and class every day I I skipped one day of college I’m a bit of a nerd I’ll be honest and that was to go to the Detroit Auto Show obviously sometimes I’ve been sick but in terms of just straight up skipping with no other reason that was to go to the Detroit Auto Show this year and that was of course totally worth it so we’re making the commute to North Campus right now for junior year I drove the m-52 class and then for senior year I drove the Mercedes in the Lambo a lot I am doing 4.5 years that’s why I’ve got an extra semester a lot of people take five years or more to graduate from engineering it’s really hard it has more credits involved than LSA and the classes are typically much harder as well as is the homework in the workload I would have easily been able to graduate in four years however transferring I lost some of my credits and also doing vehicle versions at the same time made it a little bit more difficult oh there is a cop okay a man oh I would have easily been able to graduate in four years however I lost some credits when I transferred and doing vehicle versions at the same time has been difficult but it’s absolutely not abnormal to do four and a half or five years so just keep that in mind alright here is the lovely Michigan M bus and making the left-hand turn to North Campus it’s actually has a really beautiful entrance but commuter North that was my friend for the longest time as was Northwood and commuter south and diag diag the buses were really confusing at first but then you learn it and it’s actually kind of handy learning how to use public transportation is a really good thing no matter how much you drive cars there are places where public transportation is superior like in big dense cities like New York City driving new york city sucks University of Michigan North Campus this is home this has been a place I go every day sometimes even Saturday and Sunday when I got a lot of homework and got a study for midterms that is the North Campus tower I think it’s the Bel Lori tower but I don’t want to say it wrong I’d be embarrassing that’s where you get dropped off right there Pierpont Pierpont Commons excuse me right there I’ve had some classes in that pretty glass building up there so this is the beautiful new mechanical engineering building this is called G G Brown where I spend a lot of my time now it’s freshly redone spent a lot of money on this actually had a lot of classes in that building recently I had my senior design class actually had that with Eddie so in that we were given a problem we had to work with the company and solve that problem and what we did was build a grow plug manufacturing machine so what a grill plug is is these little dense foam mixed with peat used to germinate seeds so you put your little seed in the cylindrical shaped grill plug and then it helps the plant grow faster and faster now it kind of sounded simple at first but it wasn’t we had free range we built this crazy machine I’ll draw some pictures up so you guys can see but I think it had five motors two inverters an auger system we had to manufacture everything lathes mills created the blades it was a heck of a lot of work but it was pretty rewarding and it was nice being able to do some hands-on stuff Michigan’s got a lot of hands-on opportunities so if you’re into that sort of thing it’s awesome walking through the parking lot and then I’m going to take a little shortcut to the buildings so why mechanical engineering in the first place why did I decide to do that well like a lot of people who end up in mechanical engineering I was good at math and science in school and I also liked math in science it wasn’t just something that came easy to me I was actually passionate about it I was home-schooled from third to fifth grade and I actually in third grade taught myself how to do you the quadratic formula so yeah like I said a little nerdy overlooking North Campus right now and they’re doing some serious construction hopefully this will be done when I started school here they didn’t have it but now there’s construction everywhere so I was good at math and science I wasn’t sure what I would major in then I started doing some research wanted to go into the automotive world my original goal I believe was to work at an automotive company like BMW or Tesla that has since changed now I’m going to do vehicle versions full-time but doing mechanical engineering positions you in a really good spot for working at an OEM manufacturer especially going to a place with the reputation like Michigan alright I’m in one of the classrooms this is one of the bigger lecture halls and this is actually where I had my circuits class so you do have to take a little bit of Electrical Engineering as a mechanical engineer Wow the sound the acoustics are crazy in here looks like they’ve got some patterns on the walls for better acoustics you got a piano here so it’s clearly used for things other than just mechanic mechanical engineering classes why did I end up at Michigan wow the acoustics are crazy in here it’s like really echoey so why did I end up at Michigan there is a ton of reasons one of which is the really strong mechanical engineering reputation I believe at the time when I applied they ranked second the only school that was higher was MIT and I didn’t really want to go to MIT it wasn’t in the heart of the automotive world in Massachusetts they’re not as into cars there and I found that out through going to Tufts University the other was located near the big three this is the heart of the automotive industry in the United States and you can really really get good job opportunities because you are close to them so as you know potentially I worked at Ford last summer as an intern in product development and then prior to that I worked actually at Toyota which a lot of people working at a foreign company wasn’t they weren’t too stoked on that but I worked at Toyota and electronic systems working on their multimedia unit helping debug some problems there and working with Lexus wideband speech Bluetooth technology at four I worked on developing the new sports seat for the next generation after the s550 Mustang so benchmarked some top competitor seats scat packs FRS rest in peace FRS Volkswagen GTI couple things like that fitted a bunch of competitor seats in two identical Mustangs cloaked them so people wouldn’t know what which brand is which and then had a customer workshop where they all came out to Arizona proving grounds drove the cars around gave their feedback not knowing which seat was which and then we took that data into designing and building a next generation seat talking about design so originally I thought that as a mechanical engineer you could go into designing the exterior body of the car that is not true so if you are really into design I shouldn’t say it’s 100% not true but it’s very very abnormal if you want to do design like exterior design of a car designing the newest Ferrari well if you’re trying to design the newest Ferrari if you’re not Italian good luck with that one but let’s say you wanted to design the new Lincoln Continental going to a school like College of Creative Studies in CCS in Detroit or there’s some really really good art schools with an automotive strengths in California as well that’s your best bet for that but going to a school like Michigan if you do well here in the mechanical engineering program and you show your passion for cars I pretty much guarantee that you can get a job at any one of the big three or even some companies like BMW Audi Volkswagen so this is the Deuter stat library this is the main library on North Campus they called the dude because think Duderstadt is too long I’ll go in there but obviously I’m not going to talk because I don’t want to be annoying spend a lot of time in there doing homework working together with groups a lot of things you got to work together with your friends on homework assignments otherwise you’ll just be it’ll be too stressful so Wow they’ve got a lot more done on the diag then they had last time I was here hopefully it looks like it’s going to be absolutely beautiful so that is exciting so back to that group work one of the things I love about mechanical engineering is you’re not stuck in your room doing homework alone obviously you could be but with problem-sets engineering mechanical engineering typically in each class you have a problem set do every single week so it’s five to ten problems and the crazy part is five to ten problems could take you five to ten hours but it would take you an infinite amount of time if you did it yourself they make the problem sets harder than the exams they’re essentially impossible to do all alone so you work together with friends you find study groups you meet cool people that way and you work it out together and that’s how engineering is in the real world it’s all about teams using each other’s strengths and you can get a lot more done that way some other cool buildings on North Campus we’ve got a nice fountain that turns off in the winter and actually there are some classrooms in the building we’re about to go in down underneath there actually had a class here called internal combustion engines and in that we actually got to test four-cylinder engine on an engine dyno and how variable valve timing and the opening and closing of the valves effected emissions such as NOx gasses it was really cool really hands-on and that is absolutely one of the reasons that I love this school how cool is this so behind me is a 1908 brush audible that was donated to an automotive lab and it is painted in maize and blue and apparently it suffered a pretty bad crash clearly it’s been repaired at 30 miles an hour the sign says too fast at 30 pumps per hour so that was back in the days where Michigan Row 3 no worse than they are now which is surprising because there’s so many potholes Michigan get your roads together so should you become a mechanical engineer should you study engineering wholeheartedly I say yes even though I am going to end up doing YouTube full time and not my degree so let me tell you why why that even after all the time I spent all the hours studying and the homework that I would want to do mechanical engineering when I’m not even going to use it so here it goes it teaches you how to work hard I had to spend a ridiculous amount of time studying some of the classes were so hard it made me question everything about my intelligence if you go through mechanical engineering and don’t think you’re a dumbass at one point then the school was too easy it is absolutely rigorous in high school I had never gotten less than an A and last semester I got my first C so it absolutely kicks your butt but what that does is it pushes the envelope of how hard you think you can work it’s just like working out you think that you can only push so hard but then it turns out when you push a little bit harder you can actually do it and that process repeats and repeats and repeats with homework with school with studying you fight you can only do five hours of homework a day but turns out you’re on you can do a 12 hour stint sitting in the asian reading room of the undergraduate research library ask me how I know about that but here’s the deal so that sounds terrible right it sounds terrible and oftentimes it sucks but once you’re done or during the summer it means you are used to working your absolute ass off and you can put that into something that you’re extremely passionate about in my my experience that is vehicle virgin so while I worked at Fort or where I worked at Toyota I worked 40 to 50 hours a week there but I’m so used to working hard that then after that I spent an extra 35 to 40 plus hours a week on vehicle virgin so I was working 80 to 100 hours a week over the summers because I could because I loved it and because I love this so much it actually doesn’t really feel like work but it teaches you how to work hard another thing you’re going to meet absolutely brilliant people people that are smarter than you people like Eddie I wouldn’t have met Eddie if I didn’t study mechanical engineering we met each other in calculus for he saw that there was a picture of I believe an Aventador on the background of my phone and said hey are you into cars blah blah and that resulted in what’s going to be a lifelong friendship and an awesome business partnership the other part is resources if you have an idea where you come up with an idea with brilliant friends that you meet at the University it’s possible you don’t have the current know-how in order to make that idea come to fruition I’m standing outside of the eeks Department and to be honest I don’t know about coding apps I’ve had some app ideas I haven’t really pursued them because I’m spending all my time on vehicle versions and school but if I did I could simply go to the eeks department but talk to a supervisor get some help get some help from a student who’s also interested in the idea get some funding from the school there’s infinite resources that you can gain from this school that can make you really successful I attribute a lot of I attribute a lot of my personal development both financially and character-building wise to this university so with that I hope you enjoyed this vlog I say go for mechanical engineering all the way if you want to do design go to a design school I’ve got some friends at College of Creative Studies and Detroit they like it it’s obviously difficult as well you’re spending hours in the studio it’s worth the struggle you come out a better person a stronger person and someone who’s really driven to do something for themselves and to get back to the community and really be the best that you can be that was the corniest I’ve ever said but I hope you enjoyed this review like always please browse our Channel and subscribe look forward to seeing you next video you

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