SnoopWall lets you to take control of your Android apps permissions and settings

There is generally an inconvenience when using phone or tablets when its required that you must provide user data to the many apps that request permissions to access your device data.  Actually there is a tool called “App Ops” that allow users to control their App permissions, but unfortunately this tool was disabled by Google in the last month, due to some complaints.

Google had no plans to re-enable the App Ops tool that users used mainly to protect their privacy from data-seeking applications, by managing what users data could be accessed from the apps. \

Later on, many high-end users were seriously in need of this kind of tool, and soon after a thrid-party developer made a similar tool in the Playstore that is called “SnoopWall”  Snoopwall ensures a comprehensive feature of protecting users privacy and security. At the first release there was only a beta version for two months and then it they reportedly planned updates and release on iOS and windows phone.

SnoopWall lets you to take control of your Android apps permissions and settings

SnoopWall is a brilliant app that focuses on giving you more control when showing data, and what each app on your device can access while giving you the option to block permissions. It allows the users to control the access permissions of their device, hardware and ports, which sounds impressive.

After installing SnoopWall on your device, you must give access for SnoopWall to be your device administrator, and then create an Account. Choose Next, and now it shows you different kinds of Security modes. I suggest you to select the Autopilot mode.  At the SnoopWall DashBoard, it effectively recommends to go to “Control ports” and  turn of the ports which are not in use frequently.

To get more from SnoopWall, click on “Privacy breakdown” in the SnoopWall dashboard, where it shows the Apps which are tracking your Location, accessing your files, and your hardware ports like microphone and camera. To get even more control and features over your apps you have to upgrade for an annual subscription of $9.95.

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