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This Success Low Carb Pancake Recipe has come about after a lot of testing and reading and munged pancakes and burnt pans.  I tried a lot of different recipes.

I love pancakes.  They are the cotton candy of breakfast.  So How do you make pancakes look, taste and quack like pancakes without ‘pancake’ (ie, white flour & sugar) ingredients in it?

Turns out there are a lot of replacements.  — Ready made Keto mixes, Soy flour, protein powder, coconut flour and almond flour plus other surprising things like white beans and pork rinds.

Almond flour has come to my rescue so many times since I started on this low carbing journey that I gravitate toward it because I like the flavor and it is filling. And yes, It was already on my pantry shelf.  (I also like coconut flour, but in smaller doses.)

I just dumped all the ingredients in my Bullet blender and poured them into the pan from there.  It’s as easy as regular pancakes.  That’s a plus with low carb recipes.

The low carb pancakes that you make with this recipe are light, but filling.  I was surprised to discover that just four 4″ pancakes satisfied me.

I should also mention that my darling husband enjoyed them too. I froze the rest in separate portions for other breakfasts.  (I love, love, love meals ahead.  They are a life saver.)

These Low Carb Pancakes are a low carb bargain at just 1.9 carbs and .8 fiber per pancake.  They are just a breathe over 1 net carb per cake.  –Enjoy!  Laura

Success Low Carb Pancakes Recipe

#BakingOutsidetheBox | The key to these low carb pancakes are almond flour and ricotta. Make it up in the blender quickly. Just over 1 net carb er pancake.

Pour all the ingredients into blender except for 1 1/2 tsp melted coconut oil.

Blend 30 seconds or until ingredients are thoroughly blended and frothy.

Pour remaining oil in nonstick pan or griddle. (Griddle is best.)

Cook pancakes over medium heat in about 4 inch rounds.

Wait to turn them until the bubbles begin to pop on top, using a thin and wide pancake turner.

Ingredient swap: No ricotta? Replace it with cottage cheese.

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Instead of ricotta can you use cream cheese. On the keto diet


Could you use Greek yogurt instead of thee ricotta?


We have an almond allergy.

Should i just up the coconut flour or would they be too dry? Thanks!


I live alone. Could I make these up and freeze them to be reheated in the toaster another day? The recipe does not look like it would scale down easily. Thank you for posting a good recipe.

How would blueberries hold up in these?


Could you suggest a substitute for the coconut flour? It is not a friend to my tummy.

Love pancakes and I always look for lowcarb variations. 🙂 I’m definitely going to try this out soon, looks really good!


So this entire recipe is for one and is only 1.9 carbs for the whole thing??

Low Carb Pancakes Recipe-that sound like a miracle! I also love pancakes, so I will try this recipe.


Dit lyk heerlik en sal dit met graagte aanbeveel by ander lesers.


Hi! I’m Laura; I hope you’ll find inspiration here that will help and cheer you as I share my ‘Outside the Box’ life and recipes.

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