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You can DIY  your own Sugar Cookie mix using the Baking Outside the Box Mix method.

There are few things more wonderful than a crisp, buttery, fragrant sugar cookie that is  warm from the oven.  Unless of course it’s been frosted and decorated and is waiting on a plate for Santa…if he should be so lucky.  This time year our family loves to make sugar cookies together.  I make it easy with the ‘Perfect Sugar Cookie Mix-up’. We bake up the sugar cookies and and then cover the table with butcher paper .   I supply many colors of frosting and way too many sprinkles.

The children (all ages) love the indulgence of surreptitiously scooping out a pinch of dough or frosting and licking it up when they think no one is looking and everyone spills sprinkles on cookies, table and floor.  It makes a joyful mess.  I love seeing my family chatting noisily around the table making their wild  and sometimes beautiful creations.  — All of them made with laughter and love.

P.S.  While I am making the dough for Christmas, I whip up an extra batch for Valentine’s Day.  I double wrap the dough and whisk it into the freezer.  This dough will freeze well for 3-4 months.  Enjoy!

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Dell Furnivall

I’ve just discovered your wonderful website; can’t wait to get into the mix-up recipes listed and trying out some of the inviting recipes. I was so enthused, I even purchased the cookbook! Thanks Laura! Keep them coming…please?

Sugar cookies never really turn out well for me, so I’m really excited about this recipe! Not to mention how awesome it would be to have this mix on-hand throughout the holidays! LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing it Laura.

Those look delicious! I can’t wait to try it!


Hi! I’m Laura; I hope you’ll find inspiration here that will help and cheer you as I share my ‘Outside the Box’ life and recipes.

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