Is it time to get a new website?

Is it possible your web site stinks, and you don’t even know it?

Web sites, and their ability to be ranked high by Google (translation: their ability to be found by your prospects), has become so complex, that just having a nice looking site isn’t enough.

Having a good-looking site is critical too, but if no one can find it by searching by your product or service, it’s an outdated site. And in that respect: it stinks!

Unless you’re a Coke, Nike or Apple, more prospects don’t know your company name than do. So when they search for your product or service (instead of your company name), does your website show up on page 1 or 2 on Google? If not, your web site stinks.

Just as the screwy economy has all of us updating our financial, business and marketing plans, the changing technology environment dictates your web site should change, too.

The problem we’ve found is: most folks don’t even know the questions to ask to determine if their web site stinks.

If you’re not sure of how competent your web site really is, here’s a small checklist. This is just a small list of the core capabilities you must ask of your company’s web site:

  • Does your web site generate legitimate business for your company?
  • Do your customers know the main benefits you offer, and why you’re different, in the first few seconds of visiting your site?
  • Is the design consistent with your brand and other marketing materials?
  • Can anyone find your web site with a Google search when searching for the services you offer? For example: your company offers Physical Therapy, and you’re located in Columbus Ohio. So when someone searches “physical therapy columbus ohio,” are you on page one?
  • Is your web site easy to navigate?
  • Is there a structured hierarchy of information on your web site, e.g. most important information is dominant on the page (the first thing you see), then the 2nd most important set of information is conveyed to the viewer, and so on?
  • Does your web site have a content management system, so you can update the site yourself, without knowing HTML or coding?
  • Does your web site have a “News & Updates” or “Blog” on the homepage? (This helps a lot with search engine optimization.)
  • Does your web site look consistent on all browsers, Firefox, I.E., Chrome, etc.?
  • Is your web site protected from spam, does it protect your email address from being spammed?

This list might seem like a lot, but really, this is the minimum of what your web site should do.

If your web site isn’t dynamic, that means you have a static web site that just sits there. If you can’t easily update it, add pages, change content, get feedback from potential clients or current clients, your web site stinks.

A good, dynamic site will allow your clients and customers interact with your web site, leave comments, receive updates, news or specials from your company.

Most of all, a GREAT web site will actually help make you money by attracting prospects and reminding clients of all the great things you do.

If your web site doesn’t do any of this… then we’re sorry to say, it just might stink.

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PS: there are several sites that showcase web sites that stink, and we’re wiling to bet NONE of those ocmpanies who are highlighted thought their sites stunk…

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