Why can't more billboards be this cool?

cool nyc billboard
We’re originally from NYC, but now, after moving to Boston, we took a long weekend recently and went back to NYC. We love being back there and always noticed how much cooler billboards are there.
There’s noticeably better billboards being done there, but we don’t think it’s because the billboards are being created by agencies in NYC. Those of us who follow this stuff know that for years, many of the superstar design agencies haven’t been located throughout the country in places other than NYC.
And being in Boston, we know that great work is being done here, too!
We think it’s because the visual competition is bombarding folks from every direction, so it takes more to get noticed in that city. We think lots of folks appreciate good advertising.. not just us.
We think that NOT taking a risk by doing something edgier is actually taking the bigger chance that your marketing won’t be noticed. And if you create a boring ad, it will not get noticed. It is this seasoned designer’s opinion that you’ll be wasting your money, and your prospect’s time.
So even though Columbus is a mid-sizes market, we believe Boston advertising can be as cool as it is in any other city. IF… the marketers who are making the decisions are willing to take that chance.

Aly Chiman

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