Torrent Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

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If you are not an alien, then you must have using torrents. It was founded by Bram Cochen. It is a network to distribute large amounts of data over the internet. Peer to peer (P2P) file sharing through the Bit torrent network is responsible for about 3.35% of worldwide bandwith. More than one third of internet traffic, and around 2.5 million people use Bit torrent monthly. We use different kinds of torrent clients like uTorrent and Vuze etc. Here I’m going to share some torrent tips & tricks that you should know.

If you are someone who likes to get latest movies, audio or anything and it is painful to search all that stuff, but there is way you can get latest torrents updates frequently. Most of the Bit torrent sites have RSS feeds on their sites.

-> First search stuff.

-> Select the file which you want to download.

-> You will see a RSS icon.

-> Click it and you will get URL of the RSS feed.

Getting Updates on Gmail

-> Go to

-> Enter the URL of the RSS feed and your email address.

Done. All new torrents will be forwarded to your gmail account.Automate Downloads

To automate download, first open uTorrent and click on feeds.

-> Click on the green RSS feed button.

-> Copy and Paste the URL.

-> This will give you regular feeds about latest torrent.

-> To automate the downloads , go to edit feed > select automatically download all items published in feed.

-> Press ctrl+R or go to option > RSS downloader & enter a filter.2. Choose Good Torrents

One of the known problem of torrents is the download speed. Don’t worry just follow the tricks listed below.

Download Good Torrents

When searching a movie or audio or anything first see the seed to leech ratio. Through, how good a torrent is depends on a lot more than just numbers seeds and peers (availability, average swarm speed etc). When downloading a torrent, arrange the torrents by seeders (from high to low) will usually provide the best clue to what might be a successful torrent. Before downloading, see who is the uploader. Always download files that is uploaded by a verified user. {Yify (movies), Bubanee (Audio), ChattChittoRG (Softwares)}Changing Bandwith Settings

It is the basic tips for beginners to speed up their download speed.-> Open “Options” > “Preferences” > “Bandwith” > Change the Settings.

Set the ‘maximum upload rate’ to around 80% of your upload in speed kb/s and set the ‘maximum download rate’ to about 95% of your maximum download rate to about download torrents faster.Theory Behind The Trick

A high setting will involve usage of too much bandwith for pinging peers, and a setting too low will result in less number of connection. So increase or decrease in the numbers depending on your internet speed.

Ex – For 1 MBps connection.

-> Global maximum number of connection 250

-> Maximum numbers of connected peers per torrents : 100

-> Number of upload slots per torrent : 10NOTE: Make sure that maximum numbers of connected peers doesn’t exceed the global maximum number of connection.Adding More Trackers

To do this, just get the Hash of the torrent (Under the info tab), Google it and download the same torrent file from different sites. When trying to add the torrent, a pop-up will appear that the torrent is already in the list, just select yes. After few moment the numbers of peers will increase, so will the number seeds.

Encrypting The Connection

Since BitTorrent accounts for a lot of internet traffic, usually many ISPs 10 to throttle the speed upon detecting BitTorrent traffic, and while seedboxes seems to be a good option to avoid. They are expensive. So a expensive and easier method is encryption. To do this

-> Go To Option > Preferences > BiTorrent > Select ‘Enabled’ under protocol encryptionDownloading Torrents Using IDM & Browser

Yes, there is a way you can download torrents using IDM (wow). Here is the process

-> First Go To

-> Paste the link of the torrent file or simply upload file.

-> Then Zbigz will download the full file. It will take sometime to download it.

-> Simply click on the download option and download it through IDM.

To download torrents from a browser without using any client you will need BitTorrent surf (for google chrome) and Fox torrent (Mozilla Firefox).3. Sharing Files with BitTorrent

BiTorrent sync let you file sharing, or in particular, accessing a particular folder of a computer from different devices. It uses BitTorrent protocol to share files between different devices.

First Install BitTorrent Sync.

-> Add the folder that you want to share.

-> Then click on the “Add Sync” folder and for every folder you add, you have an access key.

-> Install BitTorrent Sync on all the devices that you want your share your files with.

-> Use the “secret” key to automatically update your folder with the source folder.4. Remotely Controlling Downloads

-> First create an account (from your PC). If your pc is up & running, you can access it anywhere from using the authentication code you provide through your client.

-> Go to Option > Preferences > Remote > “Enable uTorrent Remote Access”.

-> Entire desire PC name and password and click apply. After sometime status should say “Accessible”

-> Then go to and you’ll be able to access uTorrent on your home PC.

You can access uTorrent from your mobile also (Android, Windows) & there is an app avail in the market.The following two tabs change content below.

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