Ways to Trace Mobile Number Online with Exact Name, Location and Address

Mobile phones have become an integral part of peoples life and are much needed too. Surviving without a mobile phone is nearly impossible because we tent to lose connectivity from everything around us. Mobile is one of the most important gadgets used by people these day without which managing daily activities and technical advancements is not feasible.

Around 90% of the people all over the world use mobiles and some of them are fully reliant on them to get through their daily life activities. Mobile phones and their advancement has brought a great revolution in the way people approach technology.

Advancements in the technology has proven to be advantageous to human beings but it also comes with certain disadvantages that cannot be ignored. Similarly using mobile phone also has its merits and demerits. Some people try to make illegal use of this technology and misuse them in several ways.

Some of the most common problems faced by mobile phone users are missed Calls, threatening calls, prank calls, from unknown number. We now have a solution to this problem if you want to find utilize mobile number tracking with address and name.

You can easily find out the name and location of unknown person who is troubling you with prank calls by tracing the mobile number. Mobile numbers can be easily traced along with name of the owner and location. This article tells you the best ways to trace mobile numbers.

Techniques to Trace Mobile Number with Name, Location and Operator

There are many services that can help you trace a mobile number with accurate owner name, location and operator. Some of these major services which you can use to trace a mobile number are tracing websites, mobile telephone numbering in India, Google Search engine and also a few free Mobile apps.

Method #1: Track through Websites
By using some websites you can get all the information regarding a mobile number with exact name, location. There are various online websites that allow you to trace a mobile numbers location. Following is the list of websites that you can use to trace any mobile number and get the details of its owner.

1. Mobile Tracker | India
Mobile Tracker | India is one of the most productive websites that tell you details of any mobile number along with its accurate location on the Google map with Latitude and Longitude coordinates. They never store the mobile number in their databases according to their policies and terms. To use this website you just need to follow the simple steps that are given below.

Mobile Tracker India

Step 1. Go the website.
Step 2. Locate the search box and enter the 10-digit mobile number without and 91.
Step 3. Once you have entered the 10-digit Mobile Number and Click on Trace.
Step 4. You will be provided with following information about the owner of the Mobile Number.

  • Phone Number
  • Location (State)
  • Provider
  • Location on Google Map

2. Internet4Mobile
Internet4Mobile is an automated tracking system and works similar to online telephone directory that comprises complete database of mobile number codes & STD codes of India, Mobile Locator, trace on mobile, etc. This is one of the most reliable websites that provides accurate information of the person using the mobile number. To trace the mobile number with state, city and service provider all you need to do is follow the following simple steps.

Trace Mobile Number Mobile Number Locator

Step 1. Go to the website.
Step 2. There you will see a search box where you will have to add the 10-digit mobile number without adding 0 or 91 before the number.
Step 3. After entering the 10-digit mobile number, click on Trace.

Number Internet4Mobile

Step 4. Internet4Mobile gives you the following information:

  • State
  • Reference City (if provided by this service).
  • Service Provider
  • Locate mobile number on Google Maps.

3. India Trace
India trace is another one of the free websites that allows you to trace any mobile Number in India and gives information like its Location, Service Provider etc. Apart from tracing the mobile number India Trace also assists you to trace vehicle number, landline number, etc. We have listed simple steps for you to use India Trace and trace the mobile number you want with the name of the owner.

India Trace Mobile Tracker

Step 1: Go to the Website.
Step 2. Look for the search box where you can see +91 before the box.
Step 3. Enter the 10-digit Mobile Number and click on Trace.
Step 4: India Trace will provide you with the following information by clicking on trace.

  • Service Provider
  • Service Type
  • Location
  • Locates the Place on Map

Method #2: Mobile Telephone Numbering in India

  • Mobile Telephone Numbering in India is a method of retrieving the list of Mobile Numbers with their locations as well as the Telecom Operator.
  • You will have to process all the mobile codes in order to find the mobile number.
  • This technique is time consuming and difficult as you need to search and find the mobile number.
  • With the help of this technique, you can find the state of the mobile numbers owner.

Method #3: True Caller Phone Number Search
Truecaller is the most widely used mobile app and is very popular globally. Truecaller is known for its accurate details of mobile numbers. All you have to do is type the mobile number and you can get all the details about that number. Truecaller uses a huge database and gathers information from various websites which is why the results provided by it are mostly accurate and more reliable than any other application. It comes with a built-in caller ID service that is combined with call-blocking feature. This application requires internet connectivity. To use True Caller for searching details about a number follow the simple steps given below.

Search Mobile Number using True caller app
  • Go to the Website True Caller-Phone Number Search
  • Locate the Search field and enter a 10- digit Mobile number.
  • When you click on Search, it will ask you to Sign in by using Twitter or Facebook.
  • Once you have signed into your account, you will be redirected to a page where you will get the owners name of the Mobile number and the location.

Method #4: Using Mobile App [Free]
Since mobile has become an entity in our life without which we cannot manage our daily chores, we need to learn more about mobile security. There are now ways to trace out details of any mobile number by installing mobile apps that provide you with details of the search. Following are few such apps that can help you trace any mobile number.

True Caller
True Caller is an amazing app that can be used by the users of Android, Symbian, Blackberry or iOS Mobile Devices so as to trace the name and location of the any mobile number across the globe. True caller mobile app has many features like caller ID service that can attain call-blocking functionality and you can also maintain a phone book up-to-date with images and birthdays on the social networking sites.

How to Trace Mobile Number Information on your Mobile Device?

  • Truecaller is a highly productive application and all Android, Blackberry, Symbian or iOS mobile devices users will have to install this application first.
  • Visit the Website of True caller and download the mobile app.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the application.
  • Name or Number and Place are the two fields that are seen on the screen. Enter the desired mobile number and click on search to get all information about this number.
  • After clicking on search button you will get the information of the mobile number like the name, location and service provider.
  • These steps are for mobile users who are using True caller. For installing this app on Pc the steps are given below.

How to Install True Caller on your PC?

  • True caller is a widely used android app that can also be installed on a PC by using certain method and you can utilise this app on your PC.
  • By installing Bluestacks android emulator on your PC, you can use it to run android apps on your PC and it can be used to install true caller.
  • Bluestacks is free software and can be easily downloaded.
  • Once you have installed Bluestacks on your PC, navigate to App Search.


Truecaller on Bluestacks
  • In the App Search bar, type True Caller.
  • Once you get True Caller on your screen, click on Install button to install the Truecaller application.


Install TrueCaller on pc


  • Once the installation is done, start the application and enter a mobile number in the input field.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • The search results of the mobile number will show fields such as name and location.

How Truecaller App works?

  • Truecaller is an amazing application that gives you the authentic information of mobile numbers in most of the cases.
  • This app has a large database that collects the details of mobile numbers from various sources like Social networking sites, Mobile apps, SMS sites, etc.
  • All the above mentioned sites are a part of Truecaller database, and all the numbers searched on them are stored in Truecaller database with details like name and location.
  • When you type a mobile number in order to trace its details, then the app searches the database and displays the result on the screen.

How To Unlist / Remove your Mobile Number Details from Truecaller Database? In order to remove your number details from the truecaller database, follow the following steps given below:

  • Navigate to Truecaller Unlist Phone Number.
  • Enter your mobile number with the country code in the beginning of your 10-digit mobile number.


Unlist phone number from Truecaller Database


  • Enter the given captcha correctly below the mobile number field.
  • Click on Unlist.
  • Your mobile number will now be unlisted from the Truecaller Database.

Some other useful sites are

If you found this article on How to Trace Mobile Number Online productive then do let us know in your comments. This article consists of all the information that could be assimilated from Internet. If you know any other methods to trace mobile numbers please share them via comments.

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